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I miss my little Etsy favorites widget on the sidebar. With just one sidebar now, I try not to squeeze too much in there. But still … I liked drooling over my Etsy loves on a daily basis!

So, anyway, here’s some recent favorites from Etsy for you to ogle.

My friends from college, sisters Jen and Erin, started an Etsy store a few months ago to sell homemade jewelry, quilts, hair sticks, and purses. Everything’s so cute! I especially love this bracelet, and for $9.50 WITH shipping I’m really considering snatching it up!
 Amy responded to me on Twitter one day and I followed her link to her Etsy store. LOVE her jewelry, especially this gorgeous pink necklace. So fun!
I don’t send out a ton of real mail, but I do still try to send thank-you notes and occasionally my best friend Michelle and I write each other real letters. Still, I can’t resist beautiful stationery. And with your name stamped on it, it’s just so Southern!
4. Purple Felt Scrolls Headband

I’m just into headbands lately. Cute!

5. Hula Hoop Print

Personalized! The sweetness!!

6. Tiered Peasant Dress

The little girl in this picture is Emma, daughter of the author of Life with the Ferrells. Amber (aka Mom) takes the pictures for this clothing maker, which is how I discovered them! Isn’t the dress–and the girl–precious?

7. Wool Entrelac Scarf

I love the colors of this. I love the way it’s woven together. Love the length. And I like to keep warm!

8. Black and Grey Reversible Headband

I love Michael Miller fabric. This is guitars. And it’s reversible, so you can be black and sullen or zany and colorful! Again with the headbands …

9. Wristlet in Little Birdies

Nowadays I carry a huge Vera Bradley purse so I can stick a diaper and wipes in there and just go without diaper bag (which I love). But this little wristlet would come in handy for a night out or for Blissdom this past weekend!

10. Vintagey Family Tree

I don’t think I could leave out Sarahjanestudios, one of my favoritest Etsy sellers. I think OhAmanda introduced me to her, and I adore her prints! Love this sweet family tree that she will customize! How precious would it be in Libbie’s room?

Well, now I’m in love with all these things. Want to share some of your favorite Etsy sellers with me so I can lust some more?

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16 thoughts on “Etsy Deliciousness

  1. You look great in a headband! Go for it! I just can't fig-gur out how to make one reversible? Does the fabric slide around??

  2. I'm really getting into the headbands, too! I LOVE them on other people but don't quite know if I can pull it off on myself yet!

  3. Sweet Emma! What a fun surprise to see her on your blog!

    I adore that Family Tree print. Sj rotates all her items thru her sale section so I just keep my eye on the sale section until that Family Tree comes up! I LOVE IT.

  4. I love all of it! You have great taste! I must admit…I've only been on Etsy a couple of times. I'm afraid to go on anymore for fear I'll get hooked and my husband will kill me for spending too much money! I love jewelry so I know I'd find all sorts of stuff on there I like.

  5. I am laughing at myself! I was scrolling through and thought, "That's Emma!" I don't know them but I have been following Amber's blog for awhile…plus I think she would be perfect for my Will! LOL

  6. I can't even START looking at Etsy shops or I'll NEVER get off the computer! How talented are people!? Such cute things, thanks for adding to my addiction!

  7. My etsy favorites:

    prairiemama — she makes the greatest dresses; my daughter adores hers.

    SpringtreeRoad — handspun yarns that are absolutely gorgeous.

    TamamiKoBag — absolutely the most gorgeous bags (a lot from vintage kimonos).

    Peaslee — adorable little stuffed elephants for babies. My daughter has one and loves it.

  8. I definitely found some new favorites!! Thanks!

    Some of my faves are:
    KnickNatsDesigns (she's here in Bham & such a sweetie!)
    SewMuchDetail (she's SO sweet — I always get her keylettes as baby shower gifts)

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