A Letter from Libbie

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Dear Mom,

You didn’t just think I’d let you leave without pulling some tricks out of my onesie sleeve, did you? No way!

Tactic 1: Try to cut four teeth at once. Whine incessantly. Gnaw at everything within sight. Then start running a fever so you feel sorry for being annoyed with me.

Tactic 2: Sleep for 13 1/2 hours and coo happily to get you to come get me. Play contentedly and give you lots of hugs so you will be sure to love me too much to leave.

Tactic 3: Pull out EACH AND EVERY ONE of my toys so you will spend all your time frantically trying to pick them back up before Grandma gets here. I’m positive you will collapse in an exhausted heap on the couch and forget to leave.

Wait, Grandma is coming?? That means I’ll be held all the time, get to eat all the sugar I want, and never have to go to bed! Bye Mom!! Take your time! Have fun with the blogging ladies!


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