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Since I have, oh, 200 new feed subscribers thanks to having the opportunity to guest post at Money Saving Mom Friday, I thought for this Top Ten Tuesday I’d share my very favorite Top Ten posts with you (out of the 22 I’ve done!).

1. Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Care about St. Patrick’s Day :: timely now that V-Day is over, right?

2. Top Ten Things I Learned While Getting a Massage Saturday :: yet another example of how my brain refuses to shut down EVER

3. Five and Five Make Ten :: serious Etsy loving

4. Top Ten Things I Learned about Staging a House Last Night :: even though our house continued to not sell, I am eternally grateful to Meredith for her hard work and for being such a wonderful friend

5. My Top Ten Kitchen Must-Haves :: admit it, we all like doling out advice about anything and everything.

6. Top Ten Reasons I Love Robin and Her Blog, Pensieve :: I have so many people I want to lavish with affection this way that I haven’t started. Oh inertia.

7. Top Posts :: another good link if you’re new to my site–my 10 most visited posts as of October 2009

8. Two Top Tens :: on breastfeeding and my struggle to continue. I made it 11 months as a full-time mom–I am super proud of that accomplishment! With my next child I’d love to nurse further into toddlerhood though, if it works out. 

9. My Favorite Books ::  I like to talk about books. A lot.

10. And for good measure, a great Linky Love list :: cause I love to throw the links around!

{I hope you’ll forgive me for the lack of new content the last few days. Mr. V has been home on his winter break and we’ve just been enjoying some family time together! I’ll be back to the grind tomorrow with my Whole Foods in a Hurry series.}

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Top Tens

  1. LOL! However, I do LOVE St. Patrick's Day (not Catholic, but I AM Irish and the Irish are rather proud of having their very own holiday! lol)

    Congrats on the new subscribers! That is awesome!

  2. Wow! That's awesome about the new subscribers. Way cool.

    Enjoyed reading some of your posts! You have a great blog. I'll have to add you to my blogroll.

  3. Nice! Can't believe all the new subscribers! That's fantastic. Can't believe you already have a top ten kitchen list though. I have the same thing drafted but just didn't get to it today. My list is slightly different so maybe I'll still use it 🙂

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