Top Ten Tuesday: Posts I Ought to Write

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I have a bad habit of letting blog posts float around in my head until they gradually drain out and I lose every brilliant thing I was going to say (ha). Then I end up with jibber-jabber that is nothing like what I intended to write

So for my benefit, here are ten posts I need to write! Maybe this will help drive me forward on at least one of them. And you can throw your two cents in on what you’d like to read about. (Um, HELLO overuse of prepositions.)

1. Instructions and recipes for my Whole Foods in a Hurry series. This will come on Wednesday whether I like it or not! I need to make some edits after I actually did my cooking this weekend.

2. A recap of that once-a-month cooking I did Saturday. It will probably be posted next Wednesday WITH VLOGS. Yes. Be scared.

3. A history of my family’s AOL screen names. ‘Cause they’re hilarious.

4. A recipe for garlic green beans, pictured here:

5. A showering of love for my daddy, which I’ve had in my head for over a year. I’m insane.

6. Musings on the gift of hospitality and people who have shown it to me over the years.

7. Dealing with an immensely picky eater and trying to get over that hump.

8. Connecting a recent rereading of The Thanksgiving Visitor with an essay I wrote about it in 8th grade.

9. Stuff about my transition to SAHM, especially on establishing a schedule. (Mostly begging for advice.)

10. Top Ten Reasons I Love OhAmanda. A la this post.

Am I the only lunatic who keeps posts in her head all the time and yet fails to ever write them down?

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Posts I Ought to Write

  1. I just realized the blue pot in your family recipe Fridays logo is the self-same Le Creuset pot that I just bought and love. That's the post that's running around in my head tonight.

  2. I keep a running tab of about 7. Then I forget them when I need to write a post! Urgh!!
    Love all your ideas. I'd love to read about your dad AND your once a month cooking!
    But not in the same post, of course.

  3. I usually have posting on the brain!! I've learned to keep a pen and piece of paper in the car as I seem to get a lot of "brilliant" ideas when I'm driving. Would love to read about your transition to SAHM!

  4. Hmm, is there a term for this condition? I call it bloggy brain:)

    YOU HAVE TO WRITE the one about your dad right NOW. (If you want to:)

    Seriously, of all the posts I think that's the one you will regret most if you never get to it. I lost my dad at 11 and my friend's dad is in critical condition right now so I guess I'm a little bias on this subject right now.

    Oy! sorry, didn't mean to get so serious this morning. Coffee is waiting.

  5. I have the same issue! Ticks me off, especially when I have a thought, don't write about it and then come across a similiar idea on someone else's blog. Then I can't post about it because it looks like I copied.
    We should swap ideas on #7, I think it's genetic in my husband's family.
    I have a bazillion tricks, as a food fanatic I refuse to not make fantabulos food. My husband and step-son have eaten things and have no clue! I also have a reward system that works well too!

  6. I keep a list. In a spreadsheet. In Google Docs – so I can update it from work or home.

    And yet somehow? I still suffer from writer's block on a regular basis. 🙂

  7. You're hilarious. I have a pretty little notebook and pen I love that I carry with me all the time… then when the idea hits, I write it down. I'll also write schedules when I need them, the main points if I'm afraid I'll forget, and even sometimes full sentences that I want to make sure I get in there. Super helpful!

  8. You are not alone, at all. I am terrible about having great post ideas, not writing them down, and then not remembering what they were or only half-remembering.

    Your garlic green beans look a lot like our Auntie Nobi's Green Beans :).

  9. I have to make lists or else I totally forget! I look forward to reading all of those :o) I would especially like the screen names one and hearing how your transitioning to sahm life

  10. PLEASE write a post about picky eaters…. my poor sister is married to a man (who has a daughter from a previous relationship who is the same way) who won't eat poultry, vegetables, gravy or anything like it, soup, or anything else on the planet. He eats pizza, hamburgers, and lasagna… and on Thanksgiving when everyone else is eating turkey, my sister brings her crockpot with a roast in it so he can have something to eat. It is SO RIDICULOUS!!

    And I'm the same way… I don't even blog very much, but I get like 5 ideas every day. I just never follow through.

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