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Some things are just personal.

Until your Momma puts them on her blog.

I didn’t start Vanderbilt Wife as a mommy blog and that’s never what I intended it to be. Although there’s no way I could ever stop talking about my lovely Libbie on this site, I felt like it was time to try to do better about separating everyday life and what goes on here–my musings on mothering, housekeeping, God, and food.

So for my family and friends, those who really want to see 8,000 pictures of Libbie and hear more about our day-to-day life, I’ve created Libbie Every Day.

I just need that place where I don’t have to worry people will think I’m talking about my kid too much. A journal of our daily life and a good motivation to take more pictures.

I’m not going to lie–I also want to play around with the WordPress format and see if I could live with it if I decide to take this site to WP.

So this is mostly an FYI for our family and friends–click over to Libbie Every Day for my first “riveting” post about how much I love the outfit Libbie was wearing today. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Libbie Every Day

  1. Cute! I started to say "Who on earth would think you're talking about your child too much?" But then I remembered that I have a Annalyn-specific blog for family, too. 🙂

  2. Okay that picture is too cute for words. And that's a good idea to do a different blog. Sometimes my main blog seems so disjointed.

    Let me know how you like wordpress. 🙂

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