Losing It: Week 2

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As I sat down at the computer to write tonight, Mr. V asked me, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to write my weight post this week,” I told him. “I didn’t do enough.”

Like the math teacher he is, his response was, “Well you should have considered that before the night before the test.”


I have a million excuses this week. Do you? Weather. Just feeling “off” and letting my depression get the best of me many days. Libbie is exercising her will. My knee hurts. Yada, yada, yada.

While I don’t know what the result will be when I step on the scale tomorrow morning (I am writing Thursday night), I know I haven’t done enough this week to make a big difference. I only did The Shred once this week despite my post last week extolling its virtues. I ate both Chinese buffet and a “down home” buffet (future post on buffets being from the devil in the works).

In the past, I probably would have forgotten it all and gone back to my non-exercising self, focusing only on what I want to eat at the time. But knowing I’ve committed to the next eight weeks here, exposing myself to you, sets me straight. I will continue to make baby steps–and those add up to big steps!

Body weight percentage lost: I weighed myself 3 times this morning and got three different readings. Insert big, grouchy, cross-eyed look here. I will go with nothing lost this week. May buy a new scale as mine is old and I’m not sure it survived the move.
Sodas drank: 3
Water: didn’t drink as much as I should but some each day.
Exercise: 4/7
Whole foods: Other than the unknowns in the buffets and some instant mashed potatoes I wanted to use up, I was successful in sticking to my whole foods! Yay!

How did you do this week? Link up your post at Giving Up on Perfect, and don’t forget to visit Ashleigh at Heart and Home, too! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read about the Losing It competition here.

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11 thoughts on “Losing It: Week 2

  1. Sounds like we had similar weeks. Sorry that you didn't lose any, but it looks like you did have some success in the soda and exercise categories. Maybe we'll do better next week. The hard part is that "next week" starts today.


  2. I had a blah week too. Maybe warmer weather will bring out the feel the burn determination in both of us. That's what I keep telling myself. And yes: buffets are of the devil.

  3. Don't give up! It's still early, and you can do it! I managed to lose a little this week by some miracle (or fluke of the scale) but I only exercised once, and did good on my diet for 3 days…
    you can do it!

  4. Hang in there! Oh, and join SparkPeople! I mentioned it on my blog but it's a really really motivational tool.

    Social networking + fitness/nutrition stuff. You can keep track of your exercise and things you've had to eat as well as water intake and more.

    Join it! And add me. My name on there is "sensetosave" Please? 🙂 I need accountability myself!

  5. I think all of us need to give ourselves a break and some slack. We're moms and we're doing the best we can! I think you did the best you could this week and you're continuing on. A new weight loss week is upon us! Good luck!

  6. Sounds like my week. I didn't excerise at all. I was feeling ick at the beginning of the week and having trouble eating. I didn't want to go to the gym til I could keep food down! Next week's a new week and a chance for me to start over!

  7. Way to go on not giving up! Don't give up on your week to come… You can do it!

    Each day is a new day to success, You can only fail if you don't try.

  8. I'm impressed you exercised four/seven. That's awesome! I agree with the others. Give yourself a break and start again tomorrow.

  9. Aww, Jess, I'm sorry you had a rough week. I can't wait to read about buffets being the devil. Because they SO ARE!

    Baby steps DO lead to big steps. So don't give up! We CAN do this!

  10. When I go to a buffet I feel like I have to eat and eat and eat so that I'll get 'my money's worth'! Where did that idea come from???? But seriously, I feel like I'm wasting money if I only eat one plate! ugh!

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