Saturday Linky Love: Healthy Living Version

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My Losing It adventure has not been totally successful thus far, but I am super excited by those who have been inspired by the challenge and totally rocked it. Go Kathy!  Go Dedra!

Have any of you done a Couch to 5K program? One of my ultimate health goals is to be able to run a mile. I know it’s a little thing, but something I’ve never been able to do. Not even in elementary school. (SHAME.)

This isn’t a recent post, but I love Christine’s view on her health. She sets goals. She tracks food and exercise and finds new recipes. Christine is just the most goal-oriented person I’ve met and I’m in awe!! (Oh, and she just started a new blog about cleaning. You know, my FAVORITE topic. Haha. You should check out I Dream of Clean. If she could help me learn how to clean, she could help anyone!)

I loved this Pep Talk on how to start running at In the Trenches of Mommyhood.

I’m itching to try to make these Chicken, Parmesan, and Spinach “hot pockets.”

Read anything good this week? I’d love to have the link!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Linky Love: Healthy Living Version

  1. Thanks for linking to me this week. Such an honor. And THANK YOU for helping put together the LOSING IT challenge. God is using it in major ways in my life. SO appreciate it.

  2. couch to 5k is a great program. I tried it for a bit but I am not a runner. I can walk all day long (and it is not as hard on the knees) but running is my nemesis. As much as I despise it though I am walking with a friend and thinking about training for the St. Judes 1/2 marathon in December….which I will have to run part of.

  3. Yes! I am a Couch to 5K graduate!! I actually ran 5K at the end of week 8. I HATE to run and I'm not fast but I did it!! I ran the 5K in about 35 minutes the first time. I have to say, even though my body was trained to run the 5K, I still did not LIKE to run. Since running 5K twice, I've gone back to spinning classes at the Y. I guess I'm just a cyclist at heart!

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