St. Patty’s Day Round-Up

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I can’t help it … I’m not a huge fan of this green holiday, but I love to share what I find around the blogosphere with y’all!  Meredith assured me last year that as my kiddo and future babies get older, the holidays will get more fun. I can totally see that! I think next year I’ll be Going Green for this holiday, too. 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day Tradition Ideas at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Green Food for St. Patrick’s Day at Kid Appeal–the author uses naturally green foods here instead of dye–love that! Maybe by next year I can convince Libbie (and Mr. V…) to eat green spinach mac-and-cheese!

The Heart of St. Patrick at Impress Your Kids–cute crafts to do and the true meaning of the holiday

Shamrock S’Mores and links to other yummy treats at Hoosier Homemade

My post from last year: Why I Don’t Care about St. Patrick’s Day

Any other posts you want to share? I’ll add them up here if you link to them in the comments!
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3 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Day Round-Up

  1. I knew you'd come around eventually. 🙂 Holidays are always more fun with kids; it's just usually a different kind of fun. You will now have an excuse to buy that adorable green skirt or crazy tights for Libby (or yourself), dye all of your food green for the day, and listen to some awesome music. As I was never a fan of the, "Let's celebrate a great and holy man by purposely getting as drunk as possible", method of celebrating, the holiday hasn't changed much. 🙂

  2. I don't have anything to share, but I have definitely thought about how much more fun the minor holidays (you know, NOT Christmas and Easter?) will be in just a year or two. I think that might make up for SOME of the things that will just get harder in a year or two. Right? 🙂

  3. Every time Stacy and Clinton force a makeover subject to throw away her holiday clothes, I just want to scream "NO!!!!" I know they are tacky, but they are fun and a prerequisite for some jobs, such as teaching. For example, today I am wearing a quite fetching ensemble of a green shirt with five strands of Mardi Gras beads, including one with very large shiny plastic clovers. I love spirit days, and take that, WNTW!

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