Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Paraphernalia Update!

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When Libbie was 4 months old, I wrote this Top Ten Tuesday post on the ten baby items I used the most at the time (it was the VERY FIRST Top Ten Tuesday).

Since she is now a “very mature” 17 months, I thought I’d share 10 more things we can’t live without at the moment.

Top Ten Tuesday: Toddler Paraphernalia

1. Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

While Libbie is not into the shape sorter part of this too much yet, she LOVES to carry around the bucket like a purse and fill it with her “things.”  She’s starting to learn about shape-sorting, too, and the blocks are great for learning colors, shapes, and matching!

2. Snuggle Pods Peanut baby doll


This little guy couldn’t be any cuter. It’s all plush and just the right size for litty bitty hands. Libbie loves to pat her baby on the back and tuck him in with a blanket. We’re working on putting him in and out of the cute little peanut shell covering, too.

3. Little People Noah’s Ark

We love the Little People sets! They are so cute, the figures are great for chubby hands, and this one is perfect not only for talking about a Bible story but also for learning animal names and sounds.

4. Cheese. All kinds. Lots.

5. Karen Katz books

These are the only books Libbie is really interested in because of the fun flaps and adorable pictures. We have Where is Baby’s Belly Button; What Does Baby Say; Toes, Ears & Nose; and Counting Kisses (no flaps). I’m starting to give these as baby gifts too, because I just think they are that wonderful!! Thanks Jennifer and Alli, who recommended them. [Her disdain for other books hasn’t stopped me from reading her The Secret Garden at bedtime.]

6. Good sippy cups

Oh, sippy cups. We really liked the Nuby soft-spout ones at first, but now she collapses the nipples on those. The only ones she really likes are the Gerber and Playtex handled cups. Ones with straws, she tries to tilt back and can’t figure out. Who knew sippy cups were such an ordeal? The Playtex ones I got at a consignment sale and I think they’re the best $1.50 I’ve ever spent. Sippy cups are ridiculously expensive, so I highly recommend finding types to try at consignment sales (sterilize them, of course!) before you invest in a bunch of one kind.

7. Playskool Walk ‘N Ride

October 5, 2009

The Walk ‘N Ride works as a walker–which is wonderful when your baby is pulling up and learning to walk. Then it turns into a little car. A great two-in-one toy! We actually have another little car, so sometimes I leave this one as the walker, and she still enjoys pushing it around on our wood floors.

8. Kitchen stuff

Libbie loves playing with pots, pans, mixing bowls, tupperware, wooden spoons, silver trays, and anything else she can get out of the cupboards. She likes to pretend cook, and it’s precious! She also uses those to play with the beans in our sensory tub.


9. Bouncy ball


Libbie has a big pink bouncy ball that she’s obsessed with. All I have to do is say, “Where’s your ball?” and she starts saying “ball! ball!” and wondering around looking for it.

10. Bath stuff

All of a sudden, my girl is wildly into bathtime. Our must-haves are a great-smelling Aveeno wash, a fun boat toy, and the Munchkin bath rinser (it’s a Godsend!!).

What are your must-haves for these early toddler months?

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Paraphernalia Update!

  1. Great list Jessie!! And great pictures too!! Megan would definitely agree with 'cheese' and 'balls' … she could eat & bounce all day long!!

  2. Jess, we ARE TWINS. I think we have every single one of those things! Except our doll is a baby version of Woody from Toy Story but Asa loves to hug him and put him to bed!

    And he loves the beans, the balls, his sippy cup, 'eese and books! (How much do I love that you are reding the Secret Garden to Libbie?!)


  3. Great list. We're past this stage but she love those same books and I put them away for my grandchildren even as roughed up as they are.

  4. Our 2 1/2 year old loved his walk N ride. We eventually gave it to his cousin. But it held up really nice.
    We can't even walk by the ball section at ANY store…lol. Great list!

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