Wordful Wednesdays: Giddy Swinging

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There are some things this picture shows. Libbie’s bright orange fleecey pullover. The fact that I forgot to put shoes on her and didn’t realize this until after we were at the park. Her delight at her first real swinging experience.

And there is more I can tell from the video. Her girly giggles, which thrill my heart. Her glee. My hand, pushing her.

But there’s so much not there. Not captured. The fact the seat of her pants was wet from her travel down a damp slide. The church bells ringing a familiar hymn as we made our way to the car. The crisp weather, a little too cool for just my long-sleeved tee. My heart, so full.

Those things, I have to keep in my mind, imprinted on my heart. I’m afraid some day I won’t remember these sun-drenched feelings, the pure bliss of watching my little girl’s wide smile and hearing her happy laughs. But I will try.


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