18 months

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My Libbie,

Today you are 18 months old. And I haven’t written you a letter since you were 12 months old.

You want to know why?

Well, there was the whole living in Nashville without Daddy thing. Moving to Chattanooga. And, really, there are a lot of days where the whining, crying, no napping has got to me.

But it’s silly. Because there are a WHOLE lot of days where you are a bundle of joy. (Well, if a bundle can walk, babble, and pull my hair repeatedly.)


You are learning to talk now–and quickly! It seems over the past few weeks you have added boatloads of words to your vocabulary. Recent favorites include “sock,” “cup,” and “spoon.” You are trying to repeat more and doing a good job with it!

You love to play, especially outside. You have a car you like to ride, a Noah’s Ark set you love, and you are always happy to sit on any available chair or surface. Last week we found you climbing the dining room chairs to sit on the table. Oh dear!

I'm Ready for Work!

We have a lot of fun staying home together. You are definitely a Mommy’s girl now, more than ever. You pretty much refuse to talk to Daddy in the mornings before your first cup of milk. 🙂 We’ve had a great time visiting the zoo, the children’s museum, the aquarium, the farmer’s market, and several parks in Chattanooga! I love having more time to explore the city with you.

We have become good friends with our neighbors, Mr. Bill and Miss Ann. They are so sweet and let us come play outside and have coffee with them every morning. I hope they will be special people to you over the years!

My Libbie, you are cute and crazy. Wild and whimsical. So very “girl,” from your obsession with your hair to your love for shoes. And you change your outfit three times a day. (OK, I do that. Because you get your clothes inexplicably dirty!) You love yogurt, applesauce, cheese, bananas, bread, whole apples, and cereal. I wish you loved vegetables.


Every day, you are full of adventure and surprises. I wish I had more energy to keep up with all the things I know you’d love to do! I can’t wait to meet more friends for you, go more places, and enjoy more of Chattanooga. But mostly, I want to enjoy your growing-up years.

We love you, little Peanut. You’re the best thing that ever happened to us.


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