Losing It: Week 8

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Last week I talked a little bit about our struggle with infertility and what it took to conceive Libbie. Here’s the rest, the part that’s related to weight loss! 


I was amazed that after I had Libbie, I could fit into my normal jeans in just a few short weeks. In fact, I think after about three weeks I had lost all but 7 lbs. of my pregnancy weight (don’t hate me yet–keep reading). Sure, my jeans were tight–but they buttoned! I was sure if I kept nursing I was going to be the skinniest I’d ever been.

I think it was about that time that the nursing hungry set in. I was more hungry than I’d ever been when I was pregnant. It was insane. Over the next few months, I ate … and ate… and ate. I went back to work and started going out to lunch again. I didn’t exercise. Then there was that whole thing with my husband being gone for 5 months.

I never lost the last 7 pounds. I eventually gained 6 MORE pounds–which somehow, post-pregnancy, made all my clothes fit like I had gained 50. Some days I feel 50 pounds bigger than I did before my pregnancy. I carry weight differently and I feel like it’s more evident. While I feel more confident after giving birth, I hate my body even more than I ever did.

Don’t you just love to blame your weight on something? I like to blame it on this pink-clad, curly-haired cutie.


It’s not her fault, of course. It’s my issue–and my issue that I don’t want to pass along to her.

I may not have lost any weight during this challenge–yet! But I have come to face several issues and made leaps and bounds when it comes to our eating habits. That, I am proud of. And I promise to keep working.

How did you do this week? Link up your post at Giving Up on Perfect, and don’t forget to visit Ashleigh at Heart and Home, too! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read about the Losing It competition here.

5 thoughts on “Losing It: Week 8

  1. Oh my goodness so true that those few pounds feel like 50 after the 1st baby!!! And you're right – you may not have lost (YET) but if you're learning things about yourself then that's awesome!!

  2. Oh, yes. I definitely like having something to blame my weight on. 🙂 Too bad the blame actually belongs on MY shoulders. Hmph.

  3. desperately trying to gain victory over this stronghold that I have chosen as well girl. Thanks for the reminder.. and focus of why we are all really doing this in the first place. For Him.

    You just plain rock.

    Lobs ya,

  4. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    It is so much easier to blame something or someone else for our weight, but it is ultimately our choices (good and bad) that create it. Such a hard thing to look in the mirror and see that. So hard.

    And i agree with Dedra – you rock.

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