7 Unconnected Thoughts

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My big plans for tonight are: watch Jeopardy (it’s the Tournament of Champions and I don’t know the answers to ANY of them!), wash my husband’s pants so he has some to wear to school tomorrow, and perhaps take a bath. Wednesday nights are my night to myself, as Mr. V goes to play trivia with friends. I am such a party animal.


I haven’t talked a lot lately about being the housewife I’m not. That’s probably because I have been having such trouble keeping house lately it’s not funny. Having a toddler who pulls out everything I put away immediately? It’s extremely tiresome. I’m trying to get used to it.


I found a whole stack of envelopes of pictures yesterday from when I was a summer missionary with IMPACT Virginia, along with some other memorabilia I had forgotten about. I don’t know why these things were in my gift-wrap box under our bed. I enjoyed looking through the pictures but all I could think was DANG I was cute at 19! Why did I think I was so fat? Sigh. Isn’t it always like that? [This picture is missing Abby.]


Foods I wish I did not know existed: peanut butter M&Ms, lemon sugar cookie ice cream from Publix, Sonic limeades. Foods I wish Libbie did not know existed: Goldfish, pretzels, anything that ends up dumped on my living-room floor and is impossible to get up.


Last night, I had a Dr. Pepper way too late and couldn’t get to sleep. Then, every time I would almost drift off, Libbie started crying. I got up, checked on her, put her in long sleeves, patted, checked diaper, put on CD, etc, etc! At that point, I came back into our bedroom, tripped over everything, threw myself in bed, and got very angry. Mr. V asked me what was wrong, I told him. I then proceeded to put in earplugs and decide he could deal with it since it was 1 AM and I had yet to get any sleep. Today, I asked him if she cried much afterward. He has NO RECOLLECTION of any of this. MEN!


We discovered last week that the tree in our backyard is a Red Mulberry tree. It is bursting with fruit and the birds are going crazy over it. I actually did some research and shared it on Suite 101.


My friend Angie Smith is going to have her baby Charlotte tonight due to some complications. Please pray for her peace. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child, but I do know that the Holy Spirit intercedes when we don’t know what to pray.

Speaking of Angie, I recently picked up the issue of HomeLife in which she had an article. I cried when I saw the ad for I Will Carry You. I sobbed through her article, even though I know her whole story from real life and from Angie’s blog. I am honestly afraid to read I Will Carry You. Have any of you read it yet? (I wrote a little bit about going to Angie’s daughter, Audrey’s, funeral here if you weren’t reading way back then.)

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy

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3 thoughts on “7 Unconnected Thoughts

  1. Ugh. I wish I didn't know about peanut butter M&Ms. I bought a bag for Mark, not worried about it at all, because I don't like them. Ummm…yeah…

  2. I love the publix key lime pie frozen yogurt. will have to try the lemon next time. Read the book … I've read everything on Angie's blog and was in a bible study group with her friend Audra while all this was going on (so I have a little bit of a personal connection too). You will cry but it is also very hopeful.

  3. Looking at pictures of myself at 19 makes me sad! I was a FOX, I tell you. And yet my confidence in my appearance was lower than low. What IS that?!

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