For Starters, Turtle Soup

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I wasn’t feeling so well this afternoon, so during Libbie’s nap I hibernated on the couch and watched one of my favorite movies, Babette’s Feast.

I absolutely despised the college class where I was introduced to the film. I need one more filler course my senior year, and dropped out of two classes before I finally settled on this one. Had it been first, I would have dropped it, too. It was a seminar on “The Gift.” No, not the story The Greatest Gift or The Gift of the Magi. Just “The Gift.” Period.

It was something like a combo anthropology-philosophy seminar. How did I end up there? A professor suggested my best friend Michelle take it. But she didn’t.

It stunk.

But as one of the last class sessions, the professor had us watch Babette’s Feast, declaring it the best movie to watch before preparing Thanksgiving dinner. The film is in Dutch and French and is set in 19th-century Denmark. I love the plot line. I love the language. I love the darkness and moodiness of the whole picture (filmography?).

My favorite part, of course, is the actual feast. And to prove my insanity, I took notes so I could tell you exactly what they have during this beautiful French meal (which allegedly cost 10,000 francs in the late 1800s).

Turtle Soup
Blinis Demidoff – pastry with caviar and creme fraiche
Cailles en Sarcophage – Quails in puff pastry with black figs, truffles, and foie gras
Some sort of salad – endive?
Rum Cake with Dried Figs
Tropical Fruit
and, of course, lots of wine and champagne, including Veuve Clicquot

Who wants to join me for this dinner party? (Anyone know how to cook a quail?)

It’s really a wonderful movie and I hope you’ll check it out!

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5 thoughts on “For Starters, Turtle Soup

  1. This is hilarious- my parents very favorite movie ever is Babette's Feast. I've never seen it…but I'm about to add it to my Netflix

  2. O.K. I'm in on this one. When are you coming to visit so we can cook this menu? I'm way overdue on some Libbie time anyway.

  3. I will have to check it out! I know the story, but can't remember how. I feel like it was referenced in a book I read. But, which one???

  4. I feel like I watched this in high school french class. Is that right? I blocked most of that horrid class out.

  5. I also watched Babette's Feast in a college class that I really did NOT want to take, but I loved the movie, especially watching her prepare the feast. It's been several years since I first saw that movie and need to Netflix it soon.

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