Menu Plan Memorial Day Monday

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So now that the cat’s out of the bag, surely you know why there have been no menu plans and no recipes as of late! Despite my love for whole foods, my stomach has been rebelling in a MAJOR way.  We’ve subsisted on frozen pizza, PBJ, Kraft macaroni … I know, I am ashamed to even say that. But it is what it is. Those first-trimester weeks of just “making it” have to happen.

I’m starting to feel more human again, so I’m hoping to start cooking! I’ve been at a loss for inspiration, though, so if you’ve tried anything good lately, leave me a comment with a link or recipe!


Monday: Tangy Marinated Steak, Special Potatoes (with homemade cream of chicken soup), Delicious Roasted Green Beans

Tuesday: snacks at Bible study

Wednesday: Aussie Meat Pies (from Rachael Ray 365 — here’s a blog with the recipe), sauteed yellow squash, sweet potato cubes

Thursday: Crispy Chicken with Creamy Orange Sauce, Smashed Potatoes, veggie (I have some lurking in the freezer)

Friday: homemade pizza with basil and tomatoes

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Teriyaki Grilled Salmon, Rice, Asian-flavored kale (I have some GIGANTUAN kale taking over my garden that needs to be harvested! Not to mention my dill grew into beanstalks overnight. Holy cow!)

Whatcha eating this week?


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  1. glad you're feeling up to being in the kitchen again 🙂 you have a delicious looking week ahead!

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