Please Tell Me This is the Terrible Twos, Six Months Early.

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Ten things that have caused Libbie to have a tantrum in the last 4 hours…


1. Shutting the refrigerator.

2. Not wanting to eat breakfast.

3. Me handing her a sippy cup of milk.

4. Not letting her play with the computer mouse.


5. Changing her diaper.

6. Not going outside the millisecond I mentioned it.

7. Not letting her have a piece of bread at the neighbor’s house since she would not eat breakfast.

8. Daddy trying to kiss her good-bye.

9. Falling on her bottom in the dirt.

10. Not letting her have her pacifier outside of the crib.

All that said … there have been moments that have made me joyful with her this morning as well: her giddy clapping and grinning as we swang and sang at our neighbor’s house; her love for the neighbor’s cat Bo; her sweet hugs as she went down for her nap. It’s all worth it.

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19 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This is the Terrible Twos, Six Months Early.

  1. My son is getting to that point as well. He is just a few months younger than Libbie. It is the time when they are instituting their will. It's normal and all, but now the ball is in your court over how you are going to handle it. From experience, I say good luck 😉

    It's a good thing she is so cute! I love her little curls and big blue eyes.

  2. Maybe I have a bad memory, but I don't recall having any problems with temper tantrums at all. Chris was sooooo laid back; nothing ever upset him. He just went with the flow. Kelly was too busy aggravating her brother to waste time throwing fits (as we call them).

  3. My son has had 6 this morning for all sorts of reasons. He is also teething so that might be some of the reasons.

  4. I so could have written this post myself! Maybe if the terrible 2s start early they will end early! can hope!

    Good Luck!

  5. I found we had "terribleness" between 18 months and the second birthday, and again at three. Two actually wasn't so bad.

  6. Oh, poor thing (both of you!)

    I don't have any advise. I do remember unexplained tantrums at that age. They usually didn't last more than a day but would resurface every now and then. Just havin' a bad day is all!


  7. My little "gem" is doing THE.SAME.THINGS. As frustrating as it is, sometimes I have to laugh at was causes her to act like the world is coming to an end, it's just comical! It does seem worse when she isn't feeling well(ear infection or teeth), but yes, it's normal. I think my daughter has a stronger will than my first born son had… YIKES!

  8. Oh honey, I hate to tell you, but my guy is 3 1/2 and we can go through that list in an hour. The good always makes up for the bad, but toddlers are tough sometimes!

  9. It sounds normal, sadly. Our son is now 26 months old and this is all familiar. It's like toddlers are bipolar and need lithium, they swing hot and cold so quickly.

    They spread moments of cuteness and joy just so we keep them. I'm convinced!

  10. Oh yes, welcome to the terrible twos. It started about 18 months for my kiddo too. Just wait, it gets better…errr…worse.

  11. Oh it's definitely all worth the little bits of joy that come in between. After three very different children, I can tell you only one thing – don't let it get to you! 🙂 It's normal in varying amounts. Whatever you do, don't cave, give in, lose control, just be the same ol' great mommy that you probably already are and tell (and show) her firmly what behavior is acceptable. It will work out. Some kids are just more prone to drama and for those kids, it will carry on through all the ages and stages. If it's tantrums based on being told "no", well then your job is to make sure she gets used to it! 🙂

  12. We are dealing with these right now, too. I keep wanting to excuse the fussiness on being tired, being hungry, being away from daddy too long, and on and on. But I think they are really just excuses.
    Way to go with the Pacifier just for bed. That is what we keep saying, but then we go and have another fussy day, and I give in.

  13. Ahhhh…so glad we're not the only ones! And I'm also glad to see that my house is not the only one that has a mini-tornado who can scatter toys across every square inch in the short time it takes to make toast.

  14. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old (both just turned those ages last week). They are both at that stage. I think it's because they can't speak with words well so they voice their displeasure like that and show their independence. She's very cute! This is my first time here. Saw your link on Twitter.

  15. My 20 month old has been going through the same thing recently. She demands to be so independent and then gets mad at me when she spills the juice everywhere. It's draining 🙂 But she more than makes up for it with snuggles and kisses. Glad you had some bright moments this morning, too!

  16. I can definitely relate. My 19 month old has been acting like this for about a month now. Patience is not her strong suit so if you do not act on her wishes RIGHT NOW, boy are you in for it!

    There's been a lot of deep breathing and chanting "this is only a phase" going on for Mommy lately!

  17. My son's terrible 2s started at 15 months. He was so strong willed and independent even at that age. He's 10 now and while still very independent and strong willed the tantrums are few and far between. So hang in there. It does get better.

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