Saturday Linky Love

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Many the Miles from Home Sanctuary – a beautiful post for those of us with little bitty children

How to Set Goals with Your Children from Inspired to Action – I am in awe of Kat. Always have been. I so desperately want to be the kind of intentional parent that she and Amanda and others are modeling for me.

This birthday wreath from How Does She…? is SO CUTE! Maybe I’ll make one for my own birthday (May 26. Feel free to send presents). 😉

I think these homemade bath bombs may be a good Christmas present to make this year! (From Petit Elephant)

I guest posted yesterday at Once a Month Mom about how to make yummy Maple Cinnamon Apple-Pearsauce. Yeah, usually I make it for Libbie … but I’ve been known to eat it myself it’s so yummy!

Speaking of birthdays, OhAmanda‘s is today! Go leave her happy comments or Twitter love.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Linky Love

  1. LOVE the idea about making bath bombs since they are so expensive in the stores. (ps on Tricia's blog your recipe says throw in the "crackpot." HEHE. Ashley and I got a good laugh from that.)

    pss you can call Grandma S. She will answer if she is available. She has even been calling your daddy : )

  2. Oh I loved that birthday wreath – seriously so cute!! I'm debating if I have the patience b/c it could be used for so much!!

  3. I also bookmarked the birthday wreath. I think it's adorable! Also…the bath bomb link is genius!

    Great list!

  4. Thanks for the link and if you were my neighbor I would totally hang a birthday wreath on your door! Happy Birthday!

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