Top Ten Tuesday: Birthday Presents for (Little) Kids

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We went to our first birthday party in a long time on Saturday–for one of Libbie’s friends. Miss Emma turned 2 and had a grand affair at a nearby park.


Libbie drank two juice boxes and ate one pink-frosted cupcake and oodles of Goldfish and pretzels … and then crashed before we even got home.

I like to pick out toys for other kiddos, mainly because it means they won’t be populating my house. But I don’t want to get kids something they probably already have or will really be a nuisance to the parents (involving batteries, which equal loud noise…). So I’m collecting ideas for the future parties I’m sure we’ll be attending!

Top Ten Birthday Presents for Little Kids

1. Melissa & Dough Sandwich-Making Set

This is what “Libbie” got for Emma, since we know Emma really likes playing in her kitchen (as Libbie does). I just love Melissa and Doug’s old-fashioned, wooden products.

2. Felt food from BeckyM on Etsy

I am soooo in love with this seller’s felt food. It is so realistic and funny and adorable.

3. Sweet, homemade hair clips from Mimi’s Babies on Etsy

4. Sun Stacker from Imagination Kids on Etsy

Oh. Oh, love. So cute. So bright.

5. Cute, unique clothes, like this Minnie dress from Sweet Sassy Boutique

I probably wouldn’t give clothes to someone I wasn’t close to; but if I did, I love something a little unique! I am in love with this seller’s dresses!

6. Learn-to-dress Monkey

One of Libbie’s great joys in life is unzipping things (my purse) and trying to undo buttons. I think she’d love one of these!

7. Little People Farm

I love all the Little People sets, and so does Libbie. She’s forever carrying around the animals from her ark and loading and unloading them.

8. Art supplies – chalk, pipe cleaners, markers, stamps.

9. Good kid’s Bible, like the Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s a gift that will grow with the kid as he/she learns to read and can tell the stories by his/herself.

10. Special baby. I’m still a huge fan of Cabbage Patch dolls, although I feel like Libbie’s a little small yet for them. She does adore her Baby Peanut doll, and it’s just the right size for her!

Do you have any other ingenious gift ideas for kiddos?

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Birthday Presents for (Little) Kids

  1. We went to a birthday party this weekend for a 1-year old. I scoured the local mom-and-pop toy store (they always have the best stuff) and found a book called The Tickle Monster that comes with a set of tickle monster gloves. It was absolutely adorable. Birthday Boy LOVED it. I'm considering getting another set for my boys.

  2. Another great kids' Bible I've seen is the Spark Story Bible. It's from Augsburg Fortress (ELCA publisher) and for some wierd reason is not available on Amazon. The language is so fun, though. I've received samplers in the mail and may order a few for gifts.

  3. I followed a link from Twitter and found your site. Cute! I just wanted to let you know that I also have Libby! It's short for Elizabeth, but it's unusual!

  4. I really try to stay away from toys (sorry!), even for little kids. When T was smaller, it was an avalanche of toys at every occasion. I was grateful, but it was way too much. Some of my favorites to give are clothes (one-piece pjs or simple play clothes), a practical something (sippy cups, snack traps, plastic plates and bowls), board books (with lift-up flaps if I can find them).

  5. I love your ideas! They seem to be a bit of the female persuasion (understandably). We have a boy bday party this weekend, any suggestions for that?

  6. Those are great ideas! I love Melissa & Doug. My only issue is I find their stuff a tad expensive sometimes. My inlaws got my girls a bunch of their sets Christmas and they are so well made a pretty.
    So funny you mentioned Little People I had just put on FB that I was thinking of getting rid of my Little People stuff because my girls never play with the stuff. They've gone in and out of the attic several times. They had been in the attic for over 6 months. I took them out yesterday and you would have thought it was Christmas morning! My girls played for hours with those things. I'm still getting rid of some of the big things ( Carnival??) and MAYBE the house and the farm since they don't play with those that much. They like the bus, the ark, the plane, the pirate ship etc etc..
    You get the idea ;o)
    Those clips are adorable! One of these days I'm going to buy something from Mimi's Babies!!

  7. I love the sandwich kit! Annalyn is obsessed with cooking and food and grocery shopping, so she would love that!

    I actually got her that Storybook Bible for Easter, but she's not really interested yet. I'll keep trying and plugging away until she starts listening, though!

  8. What great gifts! I love it all, but that baby peanut has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

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