"Home is a place in the mind"

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Here is what I learned about trying to go home again.

Even if you spent thirteen years in a city, you won’t remember how to get to the most familiar places. It is a devastating feeling.

Almost as depressing as the fact that they turned the landmark, beloved, local grocery-store chain into a Big Box Grocery. (Rest in peace, Ukrop’s. I will forever mourn you.)

You will still spend your time dreading seeing someone you don’t really want to talk to but have to.

Way too many high-school feelings and memories will come flooding back.


The things that were good–church family, Joe’s Inn, the Byrd Theatre–will still be good. There are certain friends you’ll always have something to talk about with. You’ll cry when your best friend from high school looks so unbelievably gorgeous and happy in her wedding dress.

You’ll remember you aren’t the same person you were 10 years ago, and that’s a good thing. Very good.

And while you are gone, your daughter will try to learn to take over the world.


So, can you go home again? 

(Here I am talking about Richmond, which is where I grew up. Really, I don’t know where home is. I explain that a little in this post.)

Title quote from Maeve Brennan, The Visitor


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  1. I went to UR and Ukrops had just opened right by campus – what a treat going there used to be. Can't imagine it has been taken over!!

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