Top Ten Tuesday: Toddler Help

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I try not to underestimate Libbie.

Yes, she is only 19 months old. But for several months, she’s been willing to “help” me when she can. It honestly impresses me what she can do! And every toy she puts away is one less I have to pick up off the floor (more and more important as I grow bigger with child!).

Here are 10 things Libbie helps with already. What chores does your toddler do?

1. Put things in the trash can. All we have to do is hand her something and say “trash.” She loves to help out this way!

Nothing Like Relaxing with a Good Book

2. Put her books on the shelf (or get us one to read to her). They don’t always make it back on the shelf perfectly, but she tries. We make her put a book back before she can have another read to her (thanks, Jeanette, for that tip!). [I would LOVE to do a Top Ten list of Libbie’s favorite books. Unfortunately, right now there are only THREE she likes. So we read them a lot! Elmo’s World: Puppies, Baby Loves, and Counting Kisses.]

3. Put toys away in a basket or tub.

4. Help sweep the floor. Well, pretend to do so. Maybe if she had a toddler-sized broom she could really help!

5. Get a diaper and wipes if she needs a diaper change. We don’t always ASK her to do this, per say, but if she really needs a change she will go fetch the appropriate items from her diaper bag.

6. Put her pacifier in her crib. Because she’s not allowed to have it outside of the crib. Sometimes she forgets that tidbit of information.

7. Dust. She loves to work a cloth over a surface. Before long, I’ll have her scrubbing the kitchen floor with a wet wipe!

8. Put laundry in her hamper.


9. Come when it’s time to brush her teeth. She needs a little help brushing still, but she loves the idea of it, and she will go right to the bathroom if I say it’s time for “teeth.”

10. Turn on the bathtub faucets without telling me. Oh wait, that’s not helping? She also likes to lock the doors so later I find them closed and locked … hopefully without her behind them. It’s a blessing our locks aren’t very sturdy.

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Toddler Help

  1. I could have written much of this post! DD always has to "trade" a book and make sure there is a spot clear from toys on the couch before we read her next book. She also loves to "sweep" and brush her teeth. And laundry – yesterday I found my carefully folded towels from the laundry room stuffed ever-so-nicely in the hamper in her bedroom…and she was so very proud!

  2. Good for you! I did not do enough of this while my daughter was very young.

    Another task she did at 2, as did a little boy we babysat – as I transferred laundry, I would just toss down the wet clothes, and they would push them into the dryer, then at the end, would get to slam the door shut.

  3. Just the other day Lilli locked herself behind a door. Hubby had to kick the door in. That was NOT fun!

  4. Annalyn does these things, too – although I need to start teaching her to do a little bit more. She also likes to take her plate and cup into the kitchen after she's finished eating. Sometimes BEFORE I agree that she's finished eating! 🙂

  5. Turn those door locks around. I promise it is easier than taking off locks every other week. Of course, don't leave the toddler outside the bathroom when you are inside or you can't get out!

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