#7Links Challenge: A Good Linky Round-Up

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Recalling past events–or past writings–can be fun, scary, or just plain painful.

Today for Top Ten Tuesday, Amanda shared this 7 Link Challenge from ProBlogger.  I couldn’t resist checking it out and filling it out myself. It’s always a wake-up call, however, to read old posts. I know not all mine are formatted correctly. I am sure some of my links are broken and pictures are gone.

And my writing? Well, obviously the blog matured from “just me rambling” to “oh, people read this?” to “perhaps semi-useful to others.”

Here are some good backlinks you might like to visit, especially if you’re new to Vanderbilt Wife.

 Since I hate posts without a picture … here’s a gratuitous picture of me. (My new Twitter profile pic, so you can recognize me!)

Your first post: Accidents Happen, But Accidents Like This Only Happen to Me.

To be fair, this wasn’t really my first post. I am pretty sure I had one or two preceding posts that were about my weight. After a few months, I decided I really didn’t want to share that with the world. (Although now, I do talk about it a little more freely.) It makes me laugh that this, my very first post that still exists, outlines what was basically the most embarrassing moment of my life.

A post you enjoyed writing the most: Books are the quietest and most constant of friends.

I always, always enjoy writing about books. It is my nature to talk about books and recommend them to, well, nearly anyone I meet. I believe my great passion for reading makes me a much better writer.

A post which had a great discussion: Helpful Grammar Hints for Bloggers.

Pre-Before You Hit Publish, this was my first foray into teaching a little grammar. I was thrilled to see it resonated with many, some offered objections, and some learned a thing or two!

A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written: Legalism vs. Authenticity at ScottCrews.com.

I wish I were a little braver, sometimes, and a little more intellectual. I still remember this awesome post.

Your most helpful post: I Think This Officially Makes Me a Mommy Blogger.

I truly consider my blog as a place where you can discover that NOT EVERYONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER. In fact, I think very few people do; I am just ready and willing to admit that I DO NOT. This post was not easy for me to write, but I feel like it resonated with many women.

A post with a title that you are proud of: Trash Bag Dresses and Drama Queens.

What can I say? I’m not the most inventive titler.

A post that you wish more people had read: Family for a Purpose

Sometimes I try not to just talk about Libbie’s whining and how to make muffins.

If you decide to do this blog write-up, please leave the link in the comment so I can read it and visit some of your past treasures.

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