Before You Hit Publish, Week 7: 10 Simple Tips for Blog Writing

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Digging into one topic is fun, but there are several points I want to make without writing a whole post on each. To tie in with my lovely friend Amanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday, here are  

10 Simple Tips for Blog Writing.

1. Use capitalization. Please? Pretty please? Unless you are blogging from your phone, I don’t think it’s that difficult to press the shift key. I am as lazy as the next person about capitalization when it comes to e-mails or text messages, but this is something you expect multiple people to read. Capitalization eases readability.

2. Learn how to use it’s/its. While learning the difference between the two is not that difficult, many writers don’t take the time to double-check their usage. The correct usage will up your professional writer points, at least with me and the rest of the Grammar Geeks!

3. Break up paragraphs. Like it or not, we’re in an age of super-short attention spans. Despite the fact that I love to read, I start to glaze over if there aren’t enough paragraph breaks. Does anyone else skip ahead to quotation marks while reading fiction? Oh good, me neither.

You might think your blog is just for your family, or whatnot. But do your family a favor and break it up!! Three to four sentences per paragraph is ideal.

4. Try to avoid overuse of ellipses and em dashes (those long dashes we use to break up thoughts—like this!). Yes, we love these two ways to divide sentences; they help us convey pauses in thinking. But so do commas, colons, semi-colons! Try to vary sentence structure instead of constantly using those two elements.

5. Spellcheck. ‘Nuff said.

6. On a similar note, for the love of Pete, please at least read your post through once after you write it “before you hit publish”! You owe it to your readers not to have blaring typos that could be found in three minutes.

7. Read. Read novels. Read nonfiction. Read other blogs you love and ones you don’t love, and try to figure out what you don’t like about them. Reading will always make you a better writer.

8. Don’t use an ampersand (&) instead of the word and. Is it really that much easier?

9. Link generously! It’s what blogging is about, in a way: social networking, introducing people you like to one another.

10. You tell me: what makes a great blog to read?

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  1. Nice Tips,

    Not only Its and Itś Issue ,but also many others should be taken care of

    For Example
    then, than

    I found your post on pinterest 🙂
    Going to Repin it xD

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