Music, Our Wedding, Thanksmas, and My Secret Desire to Play the French Horn

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I come from a family of musicians, mostly on my dad’s side. As long as I can remember we’ve gathered  after the “Thanksmas” meal and sang Christmas carols. (We’ve been known to sing in five part harmony: soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and Grandpa.)

Dad played the trumpet and piano. My mom, the clarinet. Uncle Tom plays a multitude of instruments, among them the euphonium. My grandmother was a piano teacher. My sister plays the violin (and sings like a true opera diva).

Me? I sing. I have dreams of mastering the French horn; but Mr. V discourages them greatly, saying it’s the worst instrument to listen to someone learn to play.

When it came time to decide on music for our wedding, I knew I wanted family members to sing.

My sister and a friend from college sang “The Prayer” in English and Italian. As Mr. V and I knew we would be picking up and moving 600 miles away directly after our honeymoon, we thought the lyrics were especially appropriate:

Let this be our prayer
As we go our way
Lead us to a place
Guide us with Your grace …

I also asked my Aunt Jennie, Uncle Tom, cousin Laura, and Uncle Steve – all members of the infamous Thanksmas carolers of my dad’s side – to sing “For the Beauty of the Earth.” You want to know why, truly?

Because I love the part in Little Women where they sing it at Meg’s wedding and are all circled around the gazebo.

Granted, it was in the movie because it IS a classic wedding hymn. As I will still claim is the reason we had it.

What I didn’t know when I asked was that my uncle, the euphonium player, would make a new arrangement of the hymn, just for my wedding. It makes me feel like the Queen of Sheba. I can still see the four of them standing in the front of the church, beautiful harmonies melding, as I waited to walk down the aisle.

Nearly six years have passed since our wedding day – six years next Saturday, to be precise. And both of those songs still move me to tears. Which makes me think we made the right choice: in each other, and in our wedding music.


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