Nesting and Heat Make a Girl Very Tired

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My house is no longer simply a nest; it’s a bona fide three-story bird condo.

Birdhouse 2

So, it’s 900 degrees outside. I’m pretty sure it’s only 850 degrees inside our lovely 1950 home. (If someone would like to come install ceiling fans, I’d be much obliged.)

And yet my nesting is on, full-force.

Last week my husband and a combination of houseguests moved every stick of furniture in our house into another room (with the exception of Libbie’s room–wouldn’t want her to have to endure TOO much change). Today I decided I desperately needed to do some once-a-month cooking. I’m not quite insane enough to attempt a whole menu by myself, but I am going to try to do quite a few dishes. So I printed recipes. Made a list. Shopped. And were I not pouring buckets of sweat, I would be totally ready to attack in the kitchen.

Have I mentioned I have 300 loads of laundry to do? We still need to rearrange closets? Oh, and I have a toddler I’m supposed to, you know, check on occasionally?

I’m ready to check into a mental institution. As long as they need their floors mopped and dust bunnies cleaned up.

Here are the recipes I’m attempting over the next two days. I am preparing to revel in the bliss of a stocked freezer!

Tomato Basil Hamburgers x 2 *
Grilled Chicken Pesto Wraps x 2 *
Black Bean and Mango Chicken Salad x 4 *
Stuffed Buffalo Chicken x 2 *
Italian Flank Steak Pinwheels x 2 *
Ravioli Lasagna x 2 **
Toddler French Toast Sticks
sausage breakfast burritos
Grilled Chicken Pasta Alfredo – to take to a new mom

*from the Summer 2010 Once a Month Mom menu
**from the March 2010 Once a Month Mom menu

Have you done any freezer cooking lately?


5 thoughts on “Nesting and Heat Make a Girl Very Tired

  1. Wow, happy nesting! 🙂 Best wishes on the cooking; that's great!!! I wish I could get into making meals in bulk but I just never have. 🙁 Sounds like fun over at your house!

  2. Am so incredibly impressed that you are doing all that moving, unpacking, toddler tending AND once a month cooking!! WOW~ easy, Martha!! That's awesome!
    I've got to try that cooking b/c I know it's fab-o! Thanks for the links!!

  3. I've never been able to freeze beans successfully like you'd need to for the the bean & mango chicken salad. And do the mangos get mushy?

  4. @Dee–Tricia (Once a Month Mom) told me she and her husband LOVED that salad. I'll let you know when I try it!

  5. Boo on me! I haven't done any freezer cooking lately but those Tomato Basil Hamburgers might be inspiring! They sound awesome!

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