Ten Things I Really Love

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Because it’s Tuesday … and I have nothing much to say … and it’s too late to start a grammar post.

1. Robin Jones Gunn’s books

Sisterchicks Do the Hula (Sisterchicks Series #2)

Amanda and I were chatting today about our shared love for Robin Jones Gunn. I’ve read several of her books this year – as well as the entire Glenbrooke and Sisterchicks series. The Glenbrooke books are some of my favorites, ever. She writes good stuff!

2. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season

I didn’t watch this short-lived show when it was on TV, but I’ve recently watched both seasons. And man, it was a good show! Why on earth did they cancel it? If you have Netflix, you can watch all episodes online/on Wii/whatever right now! (We <3 Netflix in our house, too.)

3. This picture


Libbie at her first live baseball game Saturday.

4. Summer peaches. Mmmm.

5. Writing grammar/writing posts. I’ve always wanted to teach creative writing. This fulfills some need for me!

6. Doing Bible study with a group of girls. Ain’t nothing like it. It’s almost therapy! We recently did Beth Moore’s Esther study and now we’re working through Jennifer Rothschild’s Me, Myself, and Lies. GREAT studies!

Me, Myself, & Lies: A Thought-Closet Makeover (Bible Study Workbook)

7. Weelicious.com. Great site with recipes for toddlers! I am trying to be a little more creative with my picky eater. The child will still not put a vegetable near her precious little mouth (unless it’s tomato sauce … and tomatoes have that fruit/veggie thing going on).

8. Tomatoes from the garden. OK, I don’t eat them, technically. At least not raw. But that other adult member of my family does, and I have been making some into salsa and pico de gallo, which I will eat. (Despite the fact the tomatoes are still raw. Yeah, I’m weird.)

Sadly, the intense heat has killed a lot of our garden and our zucchini and yellow squash had some sort of blight. My basil’s still producing, green peppers are working on it, and I have lots of jalapenos … but that’s about it.

9. Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

The weekend ABC Family marathon, the new movie coming out in November, Sporcle quizzes … we’ve been feeling very Potter in the house lately. So, who’s going to babysit on November 19? I don’t care that I’ll be 8 months pregnant, I’m GOING to see that movie!

10. Ellipses, apparently. This post is full of them. Perhaps I’m just feeling the “pregnant” pause right now. Heh.

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