When Bloggy Friends Become Real Friends

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I am pretty sure I’ve been reading OhAmanda‘s blog as long as I’ve been blogging. I honestly have NO idea how I found her blog, but I am sure glad I did! We’ve had two Blissdoms of fun and yesterday was the second time I’ve driven down to her house just to hang out.

And for the past few months, I’ve gotten much closer to some of Amanda’s real-life friends and fellow bloggers: Staci, Mandi, and Becky.

Yesterday Staci, Mandi, Amanda, and I were all able to get together with our five kids running around like small crazy people. It was a blast, and I treasure having these friends I can truly talk about anything with (including and not limited to who to leave our children to if we died and how many craft blogs I have never heard of).

Here are our sweet kiddos!

Libbie's necklaces
Libbie loved all the play jewelry
Libbie and Asa Stuff Their Faces
Libbie and Asa–and yes, this IS the best picture I could get!
Adorable Lydia
Megan's Flounder Hat
Megan was all about this Flounder hat … and strawberries!

And for a flashback, here’s Libbie and Asa (and their mommas!) at Blissdom 2009.

Having online friends become true friends is a wonderful finer thing!

{Apparently Evan, Mandi’s older son, didn’t actually stand still long enough to get a picture of him!}

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