Notes to My 23-Week-Pregnant Self

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1. Eat. Please eat! Yes, I know you have a toddler running around like a crazy person. But forgetting to eat breakfast is not doing anything good for you or your baby. Eating something other than EasyMac is also preferable.

2. Taking naps is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of a growing baby. You may not get as much housework/blog work/freelance work done, but if you are SO tired you are not being a good mom.

3. It won’t kill Libbie to watch TV while you lay on the couch. But saying “no” to Ernie and Elmo every once in awhile does her some good. Let her play with her babies and read books instead.

4. It takes energy to gain energy. Yes, I know you feel like crud. But getting up and picking up a few things WILL give you motivation to do more. I promise!

5. Keep up with the dishes. Cause when they pile up, they smell. Baby Boy does not like bad smells. Also, the ants like dirty dishes.

6. Find some way to get rid of the ants.

7. Remember that holding a sweet little baby in your arms is worth the fatigue, aversions, sweating, and stretching of your body. Remember this?



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4 thoughts on “Notes to My 23-Week-Pregnant Self

  1. 🙂 Nice. I identified with telling your daughter no…this a.m. my daughter kept at me for half an hour nonstop about watching her signing times video. I would have told her she's lost it by continuing to ask after I said no (repeatedly), except I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get it. OTOH, I think of the story Jesus told, about the persistent pray-er.

    Get some rest!!!

  2. I totally know how you feel. My kids are 20 months apart (almost 2 year old) and a 4 month old. I can relate to so many of your notes. Keep it up girl! You are doing great!

  3. At 26 weeks along with a 4 year old at home, I am right there with ya! I had to tell the little man that it IS OKAY for him to play alone. And at this very time in our lives, he's gotta adjust to a tired mama sometimes. You're doing fabulously, my dear! And that baby picture….I just can't wait for late November/early December!

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