Things I Love Thursday: Sesame Street

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OK, so Libbie won’t actually watch a whole Sesame Street episode. But she does love the characters. Despite her mother and father’s immense distaste for Elmo, she became addicted to him after one hand-me-down book.

Now we have several books and know exactly what times Sesame Street and Play with Me Sesame are on TV. It’s sort of sad. But it makes me giggle to hear her say with glee, “Er-near!!!” (Ernie.) Just watch the video and try to not smile.

Sesame Street is definitely a thing we love in our house.


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Sesame Street

  1. Annalyn has never watched an episode of Sesame Street, but she LOVES Elmo and Cookie Monster and Bert & Ernie ("ernie-bernie") and Big Bird. All thanks to borrowed videos and a few books!

  2. Sesame street (or Elmo's World, as my daughter calls the whole thing) is a "thing we love" in our house, too. I'm not sure what we love more, Sesame Street or Dora. I am pretty thankful for it, too- a simple pleasure for my 2 year old.

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