Third Trimester

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As of Monday or so, I’m in the third trimester.

I suppose it depends on where you find your definition of trimester. I go for a very straightforward “third of 40,” thus 26 weeks and 4.6 days makes up the end of the beloved second trimester.

Beloved? I have not had a happy second trimester.

I almost hate to be truthful when people ask me how I feel. Because the truth is, I feel half-awful. Mostly insanely tired. Already my hips ache and I have the nasty acid reflux that plagued my last 10 weeks of pregnancy with Libbie.

Some days I question how people do this over and over.

All of that said, I may not be a happy pregnant woman. But I am relieved and grateful to have very normal pregnancies. So far, my babies grow happy, healthy, and normal in every way. I know that is a major blessing.

I can’t wait to welcome baby David into the world in another 13 weeks or so. I have plans to exercise more, eat better, and guzzle red raspberry leaf tea. Not to mention spending a lot of time visualizing a lovely birth–while resting as much as I can!

Forty weeks of quasi-misery for a lifetime of having a sweet son … I can handle it. (I’ve made him promise he will love me forever, when Libbie decides she hates me in her preteen years.)

If you’re pregnant, how’s it going? Are you a happy pregnant lady? If so, I’m not sure I want to know.

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11 thoughts on “Third Trimester

  1. Awww! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling better yet. I know I'll feel more energetic when cooler fall weather arrives.

    So far, I'm ignoring the side effects with frequent Thriftsmart trips to look for cute baby clothes!

  2. I'm struggling emotionally. Physically I have no control over. Insulin is insulin, and our USs are perfect, but Jesse is is Baltimore for training, I hate my job and my family is insane. I'm just sad. 🙁

  3. I am currently 24 weeks so I am right behind you. The acid reflux I am having is horrible and my feet no longer look normal. I am ready, ready, ready to have my last child.

  4. I'm nine days from my due date! I've been on a restricted diet since 20 weeks, so that has been frustrating. And some back pain has been coming and going. But 80% of the time I feel great. And I agree, the most important thing is a healthy baby. I just occasionally have to remind myself of that! Best of luck to you these last 13 weeks.

  5. I'm 29 weeks and I am also tired and super uncomfortable and had morning sickness until like 22 weeks while chasing my 20mth old but while I don't know how many times I can do this, I praise God everyday for picking my to be this baby's Mom. I follow quite a few blogs and have friends that struggle trying to conceive and I just remind myself how blessed I am to get 2 kids when so many long for 1. I am sure you feel the same way. But it's hard to remember on those really trying days! Hang in there, we are in the home stretch! 🙂

  6. I'm now 29 weeks and feeling a bit more miserable than I did a few weeks ago. I'm mostly just so ready to meet this beautiful baby boy. Our second son. I'm so excited, I end up getting really annoyed when I don't feel good because it ruins my elation at having a new baby soon. I'm having a horrible burning pain under my right breast right on top of my extremely stretched skin, which is driving me insane. But I had it the first time around so it wasn't surprising when it appeared. Oh, and the hemorrhoids are awesome. But I knew they would show up too. As uncomfortable as I am, for some reason, this time around I'm just so thankful for my healthy pregnancies and healthy babies thus far. And I want a lot more, which is kinda funny. I mean, if you feel like crap which I have since having hyperemesis in the first trimester, you'd think I'd throw in the towel after this baby. But I'm more motivated and excited than EVER to have more…am I crazy??? Here's to a healthy and happy last trimester! Keep us posted!

  7. I just can't believe how quickly December will get here! I am so excited to meet my little girl.

    I didn't know you picked a name — David is wonderful!

    Wanted to let you know that I ordered RRL in bulk from here:,+Red+Leaf

    There is a coupon code out there in the internets for 20% off.

    I also got a mesh tea ball and that's how I brew it. Actually I have 2. A big one for a bulk batch and a small one for individual cups.

    Didn't know Meredith was expecting again! She had John a few months before my Jonathan was born 🙂

  8. I'm feeling about the same as you. I'll be 26 weeks on Wednesday. Nausea has been slowly creeping back in, and I'm tired and achy all over.

    It'll be over soon, and these unhappy pregnant days will be (mostly) forgotten. Hang in there!

  9. I am not currently pregnant but I wasn't a happy pregnant lady. At all. I don't think me and pregnancy agreed with each other. I wouldn't trade my daughter for the world but I'm not signing up again any time soon either. Hang in there and thanks for sharing your honesty.

  10. I'm with Staci. I wasn't a really happy pregnant lady either. I was sick every day after the first 6 or 8 weeks and started having heartburn before I even knew I was pregnant. I really disliked all those moms that told me they just loved being pregnant and that they felt good throughout because I definitely didn't. My baby boy was worth it, though, and I'll probably do it at least once more before I'm done. Baby boys are so sweet, and they really love their mamas a lot.

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