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We’ve been without pacifier since Friday. I didn’t expect to just pull it away from Libbie completely; however, like her mother, I think she doesn’t understand things in small quantities. I know as soon as she sees a paci again it will be all she talks about. So we just cut it off cold turkey.

It has not been a walk in the park.

She (technically) only had it for naptime and bedtime since 12 months (when I wrote this post). But lately it seemed like she was asking for it ALL THE TIME. I was exasperated. So we told her, “Pacifiers are for babies” and took it away.

It’s night 6 … and she’s wailing in the crib. I want to cry too.


And now, for a few things that will make me some pennies but hopefully be helpful to you, more importantly!


Savvy Source is sort of like Groupon, only aimed entirely to family-friendly activities. They’ve just launched their program in 20 cities. Not Chattanooga, of course (sigh), but the cities do include Nashville and Atlanta. These offers last a few days and give you a good discount on some great family-friendly activities in your city (or a city near you)! You can sign up to get emails when new offers are available.


I LOVE Heavenly Homemakers. Laura is an incredible, godly woman who also happens to be raising (and homeschooling) four sons AND feeding all of them whole foods. Right now, she’s offering her e-book on Gardening and Preserving the Harvest for just $5! So if you’re into canning … as I one day hope to be … I know it’s a great resource from a great person. Use the code PRESERVE at check-out.


I thank you for your continued support here at Vanderbilt Wife. I appreciate every time you click on one of those affiliate links! Because it helps pay the bills in a little bitty way. But more, I appreciate your emotional support when I write stuff like this and don’t even know what I’m trying to say. Y’all are awesome.


In case you missed me chatting about these on Facebook or Twitter, I had two guest posts up yesterday at two sites that mean a lot to me! The first was a sort-of testimony at (in)courage, a blog I just adore. Secondly, I talked about being a new mom and needing a mentor at the ParentLife blog. You need to click over to that post just to see the picture of days-old Libbie with a scrunchy sleepy face. But it’s also important because I am now MANAGING their blog! It’s been very exciting and fun, and I hope you’ll subscribe to see all the great parenting advice flowing from there.

I think that’s PROBABLY enough jibber-jabber for tonight. Thanks for putting up with me. 🙂


5 thoughts on “This and That and Some Other Stuff

  1. We recently took the paci away from our almost 2 year old. I snipped a slit in the end so it no longer has the suction that she wants and now she takes it, sucks once, pulls it out and says "paci broken". It has made it easier because she understands that it just doesn't work anymore although I still have a little guilt of ruining her favorite thing and telling her that it broke. Now she just wants to hold it as she goes to sleep…

  2. I'm so sorry about the pacifier problems. I'm not looking forward to weaning my boy from it; he's way more attached to it than his older sister was.

    For her, we did what another commenter mentioned, except we pretty much cut the bulb off. She only wanted it for a few more days, and then she decided it was too much trouble!

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