Two Lines. Sort of.

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Did I ever tell y’all how I found out I was pregnant with this baby?

With Libbie, we tried for months. I knew I was exactly 14 days past ovulation and I got up and peed on the stick right away on a Sunday morning. It was a bright pink, two lined, resounding YES.

With David, I wasn’t really expecting to be pregnant.

We had only sort-of-been-trying for three months. I had been temping that month, but only because the previous cycle I thought I might have miscarried. I never had a positive test, but my period came on day 28 … and with a history of PCOS, that has NEVER happened to me. I also stopped temping while we were away for Easter, so I really had no idea what was going on with my cycle.

And then one night in April, I took a test, just so I could know for my peace of mind that I wasn’t preggo. I didn’t want to worry about having miscarried again. There were no high-quality First Response tests this time around–I had one Target test in the medicine cabinet.

And it was negative.

At least, I thought it was. I realized I had never seen a pregnancy test that showed the result like this one did. There was only one line in the box, and then another line in a second box, which I assumed was the control box.

No plus sign. No two lines in one box. I started to throw it away. And then, on a whim, I picked up the cardboard box the test came in.

Oh, Target. Why must you be so confusing and unlike all other tests?

I was pregnant.

I wasn’t even sure I believed it until I took a second test in the morning. I went in to my husband and said, “If I am reading this thing right, we’re going to have another baby.” I think he was slightly shell-shocked.

That’s been over five months ago. Hard to believe now! Every day I feel like I’ve gained 20 pounds and surely my belly cannot get any bigger.

And it all started with me almost throwing that test in the trash can.


While I tried to get pregnant and into my first trimester, I was a part of the Right from the Start study from Vanderbilt. If you are trying to get pregnant and live in a metro area of Tennessee, you’re eligible to participate! I got a $5 gift card for each week I filled out (very short) daily surveys, a very early ultrasound, and $10 for answering a phone interview. I don’t get any referral credit or anything, but if you do fit the qualifications and could use some extra Target cash, I say go for it! I had a very good experience with them. And it was nice to see that little beating heart when I was only 6 weeks pregnant.

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6 thoughts on “Two Lines. Sort of.

  1. I bought a pregnancy test for BeBe as a last ditch effort to figure out WHY I was STARVING all.the.time. I took it at the theatre that night, having stopped at CVS on the way to my show. I tested positive on the upstairs toilet at Sycamore Rouge. Could it be more perfect? 🙂

  2. With my second baby, I took a test in the middle of card game we were playing with my parents visiting from out of state. I saw the two lines- knew it was positive- and left it on our master bathroom counter and went back to playing the game. When my husband used the bathroom a little bit later, he saw the test but had no idea what it meant! He spent several hours waiting for my parents to go to bed so he could finally ask me. With baby #3 he bought a test with a + sign. 😉

  3. Once I bought a 3 pack of pregnancy tests at the dollar store. Got a false positive. Tim took one of the tests later, after we found out the results were wrong. Turns out, he was pregnant, too!

  4. I've often wondered if the store brand pregnancy tests were any good- it seems reasonable that they should/could detect HCG with the best of them.

    I now understand that the shortfall is with clarity, rather than detection.:)

  5. @Anon–Target definitely has "levels" of tests. They have ones that are the same as First Response, EPT, etc. I think the one I took was their cheapest one. 😉

  6. When I took my first test I was looking for 2 lines, I didn't really understand even the box. The test showed a plus sign in one spot and a straight line in the other box. silly me didn't even realize it was a plus sign! I was so confused, I went out and bought one that just said "pregnant" or "not pregnant" it wasn't until after taking that one, I was walking through CVS one day and saw a box for the original text I took, that's when I noticed the HUGE PLUS SIGN on it, and remembered back to taking that first test. lol

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