Holly Jolly Christmas Cards

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I love sending Christmas cards. Really.

I just have this thing. I refuse to send them without some sort of personal note to the family. To me, it just seems like a waste of stamps to send off a card with two signatures and nothing else but an impersonal, imprinted message. (I think Laura, now at Hollywood Housewife, thinks the same way I do!)

But last year I sent a photo card and did just that–no written words. The year before, we had an infant; I sent out birth announcements in lieu of Christmas cards.

This year I am bound and determined to get back into the Christmas card swing. There is nothing that says JOY TO THE WORLD like getting a mailbox full of brightly colored envelopes. I want to make my friends and family smile a little more in December.

But have I mentioned I am due with my second baby on December 22nd? I need to get this game started. A great trick to the Christmas card game is having all your cards written, addressed, and stamped before December even starts. Stick them in the mail whenever you feel like it. There’s enough to do in December already … especially if you’re planning on having a baby that month. (Or, say, going on a cruise and then moving to a new city, like my parents.)

Last year I used a lesser-known photo site with a great deal to create my cards. They turned out cute! But the site didn’t offer the option of mailing them for you, which I think is a great invention of modern science. (Although yes, opposed to everything I said above.) Last year, in the throes of moving and single parenting and just being a little insane, I would have appreciated that feature.

I am a long-time fan of Shutterfly and have ordered many prints and photo books from them without any issues. Shutterfly does offer to mail and address your Christmas cards for you for a small fee. That gives them one point in my book. They have a selection of over 700 designs you can choose from for your Christmas photo cards or holiday cards–two points!

They also have a good selection of religious Christmas cards, so there’s their third point in my book. I prefer to send out Christ-centered cards since a) not everyone we send cards to is a Christian; and b) He IS the reason for Christmas, after all. I was a little wary Shutterfly might not honor this part of Christmas, but I was pleased to see they have 35 designs they designate “religious Christmas cards.”

My three favorite designs are shown in this post. If you’re related to me or a close friend, I think you can expect to see one of these in your mailbox in December (with a picture of Libbie, of course). I just have to work on choosing which of Libbie’s eight Christmas dresses I want to try to get a picture of her in.

I’m thinking as soon as her birthday party is over, it’s time to start working on Christmas cards and Christmas presents!

If you’re feeling really ahead of the game, you could even send out cute Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards this year. I actually think that would be pretty fun to receive!

Are you a do-ahead-planner when it comes to the holidays? I tend to start buying gifts in June, to spread out the cost if nothing else. I like to be finished by Thanksgiving. Or do you wait til the last minute for everything and enjoy the bustle of the holidays?

Do you want 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click here to go to Shutterfly for information on how you can get 50 free cards this holiday season, and make sure to select Clever 1000 as the referral source.

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6 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas Cards

  1. Jessie-Have you ever heard of Send Out Cards? If you send mail often, its totally worth it. You can send –in your own handwriting–cards to your family and you can upload and design your own cards. You can upload your mailing list and create different groups if you want. You just click a few buttons, they will print, address and stamp the card for you!! If you don't include a pic, a card is $1.44 and that INCLUDES postage. It's 50 cents more if you include pics and you can include several pics for the extra 50 cents. You can also do postcards for less than a dollar including postage. They have countless predesigned cards as well. I'm a wholesaler if you are interested. I can show you some time 🙂 It will make it easy for you too when it come to sending of the new baby arrival announcements.

  2. I am a major shop-ahead person! I have most of our Christmas stuff hiding in our closet already. And I LOVE doing Christmas cards, but I think we are going to (sadly) need to do Christmas e-cards this year to save money.

  3. I really like all three of those designs you chose. And I, too, need to get on the Christmas card bandwagon because I'm due December 5th. Honestly, I'm usually the procrastination queen when it comes to, well, pretty much everything 🙂 But this year, I really want to do as YOU do and get it all done; not just because baby is coming, but also so I can really enjoy the Christmas season this year. Having a baby is such a blessing from the Lord and I want to be able to bask in His glory once Ezra arrives. Thanks for the Shutterfly review, Jessie! I've been skeptical, but I'm so doing it now!

  4. The link to shutterfly (get 50 free) is saying page not found.
    I am ready to do my christmas cards… I have my pictures picked, phrase known. But I am waiting for a deal on cards.

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