Things I Love Thursday: Baby Boy Stuff

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Perhaps a more accurate title for this would be, “Things I Am Trying to Love Thursday.” Because honestly? Girl stuff is just cuter. I would rather shop for Libbie than David any day. Luckily, we’ve been blessed with more hand-me-down clothes than little David could wear, at least in 0-6 months, so I’ve not done much shopping on that end.

We have bought a few things for our little son, and I can’t resist sharing them!

Graco Lauren Crib and Changing Table


Libbie’s crib is something we got from a garage sale. It is drop-side, somewhat broken, and just in bad shape; so we decided to get a new crib for David. The espresso color just says “manly,” doesn’t it? I really like the set.

Dwell Studios “Circles” Crib Bedding

Mr. V and I found this bedding for $15 at a consignment sale. Woohoo! We both like it, and we’re planning on painting the bedroom the color of the blue dot.

Baby Papasan Swing in Nature’s Touch

OK, so this isn’t actually new. We bought it for Libbie. With real money. And she used it a handful of times. She was a total bouncy seat baby and had zero interest in the swing. Because I am a cheapskate and would like to get some money’s worth out of this thing, I really hope David will like to swing!

All boy clothes aren’t ugly, of course. I love the little polo shirts, sweater vests, khakis, and overalls. And I adore this cute onesie my mom and sister bought for me from Gymboree. We all know how I feel about Gymboree, right?

In all truthfulness, I am still scared about having a boy. I don’t have any brothers; I am afraid I know nothing about raising a son. So tell me the truth: how different is it?!

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12 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Baby Boy Stuff

  1. We had that swing too (borrowed from my sister!)

    Not that I have much experience on boys since my little one is only 6 months but having a boy is just wonderful!! (I was a bit scared about having a boy too since I only have a sister!)

    Looking forward to meeting you at the OAMM Tweet Up!!

  2. I have zero experience with little boys, as I only have a 14 month old daughter…but thats our crib! We like it very much, just be warned- the finish scratches very easily. You're probably okay though, because your hubby will probably wait to put it together until hes IN the nursery and not the living room. Poor guy, I felt so bad. Despite trying to coax (ie jam) it through the doorway, he took it apart and reassembled it in the nursery.
    Have a great week!

  3. I have TWO boys and love, love being mom to boys. You get to express a whole different (but really not that different) side of yourself. Mine are 5 years and 17 months… Old Navy has some great boy clothes (button ups, polos); my kids look like mini frat boys most of the time. I have learned to love Thomas the train, and am the master track engineer. I can't directly compare, as I have no girls… but I love boy toys, teaching them to be emotionality expressive gentlemen, and learning all the hot dance moves

  4. I only have a 15 month old boy, no girls, but I love having a son! I am expecting again and kinda hoping for another one. One good piece of advice after he is born is "dingle down" hehe. when you put his diaper on, always point his dingle down, otherwise it will come right out of the top of the diaper! I am sure you will be fine, and will love having a son! They are definitely fun!

  5. I don't know…I think I must have a case of want-what-you-can't-have, because I think boy stuff is ADORABLE!

  6. After having four sisters, all I wanted was boys and I got two; 18 and 11. Someone told me that boys are harder to raise from 2 to 12, because they are so active, etc, while girls are harder to raise from 12 to 22 because of hormones etc. Don't know if it is true lol. But I sure have enjoyed my boys and never lacked for a girl.

  7. I have a boy and two girls and, while I adore dresses and bows, I am always, always drawn to baby boy things. I simply ADORE boy stuff! I think the real benefits of having a boy show up when they hit school-age… boy clothes remain polos, jeans, khakis, t-shirts… but girl clothes? They morph into some scary stuff– off-the-shoulder, super short, tight, in my opinion, inappropriate garb. Added to that, boys (and men, for that matter) will often let you choose their clothes pretty much forever. Girls? Notsomuch. Oh, and also? I think the mother-son relationship is less complicated. You're not the one charged with being his primary role model. I think you're going to love having a son!

  8. I am in boy clothing buying mode as well. After 5 little girls in a row we will finally have another boy. I have been eyeing the boy clothes at TJ Max. Much cuter than a lot I have found at other places. We have no boy stuff so I am starting from scratch this time!

  9. Hey Jessie! I wanted to stop by and tell you that I have the same swing from Henry that I'll be using with this little guy, too! I hope David enjoys it as much as Henry did 🙂 I also wanted to tell you that boys grab your heart in a way that i would imagine is very different than girls do. I'm actually really excited to have another boy, even though we were initially told we were having a girl. Boys are wonderful, and I bet you'll be surprised at how much you'll enjoy having a little man in your arms. And I totally agree with another commenter that Old Navy has great boy clothes. And GapBaby…look for their stuff at consignment stores, they hold up really well over time. I can't wait to hear all about what you think once David arrives 🙂 You're going to be sooo in love!

  10. My first is a son and I was so worried. I had only sisters and girl cousins! But trust me, boys are boys. At 2 1/2 he is so much fun, I love it. And I always found cute clothes at Gymboree, Crazy 8, and Old Navy. But now we are expecting a girl, and I'm so overwhelmed! All this pink…I'm so not used to it! The clothes section is always double the size of the boy section. So. Much. Stuff. 🙂 You'll enjoy a boy; they are adventurous and so much fun!

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