Throwing a Dr. Seuss Party

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At the risk of giving away all my “secrets” or scaring my parents, I wanted to outline some ideas I’ve had for Libbie’s 2nd Birthday party–Dr. Seuss theme. (Yes, Jill, I know you think I am a little nutso. But last year was SO low-key, I wanted to do something special before baby brother is born.)

1. The theme colors are going to be red and turquoise. I found some adorable turquoise and white polka-dotted stuff on clearance at Target last week. I thought I was being creative and Dr. Seuss-y until I realized that’s exactly what Annie’s party was. I lust after her party. That is all.


2. I designed this invitation (you get the idea, despite the blurring). It’s nothing special, but I liked the font. Libbie loves the Dr. Seuss ABC book, so the wording is a play on that. I printed these out on a bordered paper I bought at Target (turquoise and navy stripes) and mailed them off! Probably the one thing that was simpler than what I did last year.

3. As far as food goes, I think I am planning on Thing 1/Thing 2 cupcakes, cupcakes with one or two Swedish Fish on top for One Fish Two Fish, deviled eggs with green filling, ham biscuits, various candies in Mason jars with lollipops sticking out, a veggie tray, and pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

4. Stolen again from Annie, I’d like to do some of these Dr. Seuss quotes–probably on the same paper as the invitations–and hang them and streamers from our mulberry tree in the backyard.

5. We’ll probably just have one long table for people to sit down and eat; I imagine mostly people will wander around the backyard and chase their kids around. But I got this strange idea to line the middle of the table with some of Libbie’s shoes and write on the tablecloth “Oh how many feet you meet!” Too weird?

6. On a craft table–because the kids have got to have something to do, right?–I will have supplies and instructions for making Cat in the Hat hats, as well as coloring pages and crayons for younger ones.

7. Friends offered to bring over a little slide, and I will make a “play corner” in one end of the yard with this, perhaps our sand and water table, and some toys strewn about.

8. I’m trying to decide if it would be nuts to somehow get our TV out on the deck and play a Dr. Seuss video, like the newer Horton Hears a Who, or old cartoons like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This would mean, of course, Mr. V would LET me take our TV outside. Definitely not the (miniscule) flatscreen he bothered me about for years.

9. And for my craziest of ideas, a makeshift photo booth of some sort. I cannot for the life of me find my “inspiration post” for this, so hang in there. All I am contemplating is buying a piece of MDF (flat, skinny wood) and painting it with red and white stripes. Then, place a camera on a table about 4 feet away. People can take pictures in front of the backdrop! What I would REALLY like is a big old painting of the Cat in the Hat on the board … but I have no artistic skills. None.

10. Help me out! Any other ideas you want to toss out there?

(And for a final note … tempted to buy this as well)

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8 thoughts on “Throwing a Dr. Seuss Party

  1. That sounds like a very cute party and adorably planned out, but I disagree that kids have to have any structured activities at parties. I think my kids have been most happy when we've thrown parties where we just let them play.

    Now I never threw a real party for a two year old, so I don't know how they would feel about it, but my two year olds also don't do crafts.

  2. That dress IS super cute! I totally think wheeling out the tv for the Seuss vids is a great idea. Fussy munchkins and any babies would benefit greatly! You and Jen are at the same level of uber-planning!

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