What Doesn’t Kill Me Gives Me Scars

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I have this thing about stretch marks.

I think they should be reserved for women who have been skinny all their lives and then get pregnant. For those of us where that’s not the case, we probably already have some non-baby stretch marks hanging around, thankyouverymuch.

With Libbie, I didn’t get any stretch marks until I was at least 35 weeks. I was sure I had evaded the horror. And then they broke out like a rash on my lower abdomen. It made me cry.

There has already been an outbreak of new stretch marks on my belly this go-around. I am fairly sure Baby David is going to be 14 pounds coming out, as much as he pushes and shoves and tries to make more room, and as big as I am already. I am in waddling mode.

The new stretch marks make me want to cry every bit as much as the old ones … but I am too busy sleeping and chasing a toddler to have time to cry.

There are so many other things I consider “wrong” with my body that I don’t know why these little pale lines bother me so much. But I obsess. I poke. I prod. I rub on cocoa butter.

And then I say things to my husband like, “Are you sure you’ll still love me when I deflate and still have all these nasty marks all over my belly?”

He is flabbergasted, because he cannot imagine what’s going through my mind. He looks me in the eye and says, “I will always love you.”

I believe him. I knew I loved that man.

Does everyone have their own pregnant obsession? One change that bothers them above all else? Or is it just me?

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7 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill Me Gives Me Scars

  1. I had the stretch marks too, but for me, the obsession was with chloasma. I developed what can only be described as a chocolate milk moustache, which HASN'T gone away. 🙁 But in the same way that your husband is so in love with you, mine is completely in love with me – and doesn't even notice it.

  2. I didn't get them until week 35 or so too, and even then, I didn't realize it right away because they were on the underside of my belly and I couldn't see them, except in a mirror! When I realized it in the last couple weeks, my husband was sweet enough to say "yeah, you've had them for a few weeks now, but I didn't say anything."

    I actually don't mind them too much. They are marks of motherhood.

  3. I haven't been pregnant for 14 1/2 months now, but my stomach still looks like a once stuffed but now almost empty plastic bag. It is wrinkled and wriggly and it makes me a bit sad to see, but it is what it is…

  4. I hate the way my stomach looks since pregnancy. I've gained some weight the last few months, which actually makes it look better – the thinner I am, the more saggy and wrinkly it is. But I'm miserable at the weight I'm at now. Its a no-win. I'm either chubby with a smooth tummy or thin with a wrinkled mess of a tummy. The stretchmarks on my hips don't bother me nearly as much as the gross extra skin. (and since my "baby" is about to turn five, I've given up hope of the skin springing back. and yes, I exercise and weightlift regularly and have since she was born.)

  5. Varicose veins. I dodged them until this baby (#5). Ugly, ugly, ugly. But they really weren't too painful………yet:)
    It's all worth it though. And guys don't even see half the stuff that we obsess about…good thing!!

  6. I've actually recently started using nigella oil for non-pregnancy related scarring and found that it works wonders. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best thing sout there and about 1/2 the price of Mederma.

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