Works for Me Wednesday: The Cheapest Toy Ever

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There are a lot of toys that I would say Libbie loves.

She is obsessed with her baby dolls. She still likes her LeapFrog Learning Table. I could write a whole post on how much she “plays” with the giant mirror at our front door.

This picture is from March! Wahhh! So little!

But one of the “toys” that has gotten the most use in our household is an old (plastic) spice jar filled with dry lentils.

It’s a baby bottle. A maraca. A salt shaker. Diaper cream.

A great exhibit of a child’s imagination. She finds endless use for this little noisemaker. I highly suggest you replicate one for your toddler. Any well-sealed empty container and small, dry thing will do–lentils, beans, rice, rocks.

I want to hear what your toddler thinks it is.

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4 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday: The Cheapest Toy Ever

  1. When my son was younger, his favorite toy was an empty oatmeal box. He rolled it around the house, pretended it was a giant car, turned it into a drum, a hat, and a boot. I just love children's imaginations!

  2. We have a toy like this. It has chocolate chips in it. Mommy has been known to sneak a few out from time to time!

  3. I just realized we don't have a toy like this, but my Grandma (aka Grandma Great to my kids) has one in her toy stash! It is so old, I am pretty sure I played with it as a kid. It is one of those metal spice boxes with the plastic flip up lid.

    She also has an old metal coffee tin with a slit at the top to serve as a bank, which has become another kid favorite in the toy stash.

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