The Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

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Or, how to inevitably stress yourself out over a two-year-old’s birthday, but still have a great time at the end. Dr. Seuss-style.

It would have been cute to have “Thing 1, Thing 2” cupcakes a la Kara’s Party Ideas …

… but my One Fish, Two Fish cupcakes were simple to make and probably tasted just as good! (And I didn’t have to worry about melting cotton candy.)


I didn’t get my craft together in time …

… but the kids had fun coloring these simple, free-from-the-Internet coloring pages!

Coloring table

Friends were going to bring a little slide, but it wouldn’t fit in their car …

… and yet, I can’t imagine the kids would have had more fun than they had in this car, being pushed around by all the grown-ups.


Our house isn’t perfect. Our backyard is sloped. We don’t have a fenced-in yard. There are giant dogs barking next door. We don’t have enough parking, and live on a very busy road.


A lot of excuses to pay someone big bucks to let me have a little party at their park, or zoo, or inflatable play place.

But for us, this was perfect. The birthday girl had a huge blast. Friends and family came.


As usual, I should have stressed less, spent less money, and breathed a little more. Even with stressing, there’s no way I could have done this without the help of my parents, hubby, and sister, and last-minute aid from my in-laws. My dad was cleaning my house all morning while I scurried around (or, well, drank coffee on the sofa in my pajames). My sister learned how to make buttercream. My mom made green eggs, just for me.

Several of these signs were hanging from our tree.

It was, in my opinion, pretty dang awesome.


Thanks to everyone who made it happen–especially those who gave advice on my original post!

{Libbie’s adorable pillowcase dress is from Southern Sass Boutique.}

Making my birthday girl overwhelmed with giggles and fun is definitely a thing I love!

Added to Show Us Your Life Friday at Kelly’s Korner. Go here for more planning and ideas: Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.

9 thoughts on “The Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

  1. Ooh, I am going to steal your cupcake display idea for Simon's second birthday! I'm going to ask for one of those racks for Christmas. I'm already thinking of what our party theme might be! (I'm thinking something like a swimming/ sprinkler party in our yard with alligators, frogs, and turtles.

  2. You did so awesome with this! I think we will try and have fun birthdays for Johnny's 3rd and baby girl's 1st. This year…he's getting a cake. Probably store bought. And some balloons and streamers for decoration.

    But I cannot commit to a birthday party for him this year. He'll beo k.

  3. What a super cute party. I love all the details. I love this because it looks like something the kids would just go crazy for. Thanks for sharing!

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