Friday Fails: Mothering at Its Finest

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It might be for the best if my mother didn’t watch this video.

Monday night, I got back from the grocery store and was making room in the fridge for new groceries. I pulled this serving dish out of the fridge with the intention of dumping the contents and washing it.

My daughter, who never eats what I make for dinner, decided cold baked pasta sounded pretty good and proceeded to eat half the pan.

It’s a REALLY good thing she’s cute.


I will classify this under “major mom fail.” Because, well, she was eating. So we didn’t stop her. Who am I to judge if she likes old, cold pasta?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fails: Mothering at Its Finest

  1. If my Jevan could figure out how to get it out of the fridge, that would be him. Don't feel too bad. She DID eat, after all. 🙂

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