I Think the Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

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A few weeks ago, I went to the Once a Month Mom Tweet-Up in Atlanta. It was great fun, and there were some wonderful door prizes. I won a little bag from Skin Solutions. Which, honestly, I was not that excited about. I am notoriously bad at taking care of my skin.


Then, last weekend I had the privilege to attend the Face2Face event hosted by Robin of Pensieve. The event was to publicize Therapon Skin products. Therapon is social-media-savvy, and they are utilizing some great bloggers on their own blog, as well as hosting three of these events across the country.

I was excited about getting a free massage, but found the true gem of the day was getting a blissful facial. The one facial I had ever had before this was in Mexico on our honeymoon and was not a pleasant experience. Comparatively, this facial was heaven. I loved the mild scents of the products, the feeling of having my rough skin polished off, and especially the results.

My skin looked awesome! Seriously! I don’t have a ton of blemishes or real issues, but after the facial I was glowing. And it lasted. And I Tweeted.

I am doing something now that I have almost never done: using skincare products every day. (OK, so the instructions say wash your face twice a day, but THAT sounds like hard work.) I think my skin looks amazing, better than it ever has. I am sold on this Therapon stuff. It is all-natural, and I love that! It smells great but is not overpowering at all.

I thought maybe I should go ahead and open my Skin Solutions bag, too, after I made this exciting new discovery that washing your face does make it look nicer. I appreciate the Solar Recovery spray and lip exfoliater from them, too! I am sure the recovery spray will come in handy this summer. And after labor and during nursing, I am positive I will need some major lip upheaval.

So, this is my revelation: it’s good to wash your face. Who knew? Thanks Therapon and Skin Solutions for nudging me in the right direction.

This post is unsponsored and unbiased and no one asked me to write it. I get no money if you buy anything from either of these sites. Just my opinions!

2 thoughts on “I Think the Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

  1. You will adore the solar recovery product. I have the hair one and the skin one and I use them all the time in the summer. You know that tight feeling when you've been out in the sun? Yep- it goes away with just a few sprays and it smells delightful!

  2. I'm the girl who washes her face with the soap in the shower….but at least it's organic (Dr. Bronner's), right? I'm exactly the same way with my skin: I just don't give it the attention it needs, mainly because I've never found any products that I've loved enough to stick with and use daily. I should try this Therapon stuff, huh? And once we go through labor and are nursing, we WILL want some luxury for ourselves…or at least our tired faces 🙂 Thanks for the info, friend!

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