10 Things That Help Me Survive Pregnancy

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Well, friends, I am getting down to the wire (I HOPE!). On Wednesday I will be 39 weeks. Most of the time I feel like death. It is not a pretty picture.

But on a happier and hopefully helpful note, here are ten things that help me survive pregnancy. Whether you’re a happy preggo (and thus I hate you) or more on my side of “my body hates being pregnant,” these essentials can help you make it all 40 weeks!

1. Snoogle

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow 

I have intended to write a poem/haiku/ode to my Snoogle, but as that hasn’t happened I will just say this is the ONLY way I generally sleep during pregnancy. The piece that goes between your legs helps align your back, and it gives me something to cuddle with. I don’t know why it’s magical, but it is!

2. Once-a-month/batch/freezer cooking

Although doing a complete once-a-month menu is nearly impossible for me when I am pregnant, I have done several mini sessions that help me keep the freezer somewhat stocked. It’s totally worth a few hours’ work to have meals for a week or two!

3. Decent maternity clothes

I literally have six of this shirt at this point (all different colors). So even if I can’t find any maternity pants, I have tops. For me, these particular shirts are comfy, not revealing, and actually cover my belly, even when I am full-term. And … let’s just say the length seems to balance out “the girls” when I am nursing as well.

4. My mom

My moms flies from Philadelphia to wherever I am several times when I am pregnant, and she’s coming WEDNESDAY!!! to help me not kill take care of Libbie and get my house in order. She’s also mentioned stocking my freezer with meals from my Whole Foods in a Hurry menu. I don’t know what I would have done without her when I had Libbie, and I hope she will be right there in the room when David is born, too!

5. My sisterchicks

These girls have put up with a lot from me over the last several months, and they haven’t yet blocked me from our Skype room. One of them is always there to give advice or just a listening ear to my latest complaint. I love you, girls!

6. Good bath products – I am a bath junkie, even during my “regular” life. But during these last few weeks of pregnancy I could basically live in my bathtub. It is a big jacuzzi tub, although I don’t use the jets. But I fit in it, so that’s nice. And nice bath oils go a long way to making a girl feel good and less like a hippo. My best friend got me this pregnancy bath set from Uncommon Goods for an early Christmas present, and I love the milk bath and oils!

7. PBS

I do not love the amount of TV that Libbie is now accustomed to watching. But there are days–especially lately–where I just cannot get off the couch. (And at the beginning when I was super sick, it was the same.) I have an appreciation for PBS now! Libbie likes Sesame Street, Curious George, and Sid the Science Kid. We watch Play with Me Sesame almost every day (from PBS Sprout) and an occasional Chloe’s Closet as well.

8. Sonic

I hate to even admit this, but nothing tastes better than an icy-cold Sonic drink during happy hour when you’re pregnant. Especially when there is nothing in the whole wide world you want to eat. Cranberry limeade is my drug of choice.

9. A really good child.


Libbie does drive me crazy some days, but seriously? She is SUCH a good kid. She plays independently. She doesn’t throw temper tantrums, usually. She helps me get things and throw things away and puts away her toys … if asked. For being just 2, she is actually helpful, caring, and sweet.

10. What helps you survive pregnancy? I’d love to know for next time oh please help I can’t even think about a next time.

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10 thoughts on “10 Things That Help Me Survive Pregnancy

  1. The first thing I thought of was having a wonderfully supportive husband who still finds me attractive in those LARGE days and who hands me a $5 bill and tells me to go to Starbucks with my Bible on a day I'm having a mental breakdown at the thought of having another child to keep track of.

    In addition, my Tempurpedic mattress and prenatal massages are my physical heaven during pregnancy. I can't complain much about being pregnant because my body does take it pretty well, but I'll jump on any excuse for a good massage or a long, relaxing night in bed!

  2. Today, when I was feeling crappy, I was snuggling my son and trying to take a nap. I was thinking about how I'm not exactly looking forward to labor and recovery..and then I remembered all of the women who would do ANYTHING to be in my position.

    All the women who struggle with infertility…yeah. So I try to be thankful and ignore the temporary discomforts of what's now and what's to come.


  3. That pillow thing almost makes me want to be pregnant again so I can try it. Ok, not really, now that my third child is finally sleeping through the night, but what a great invention! Wish I had thought of it first.

    Also, I kept Sonic in business when I was pregant all 3 times. Nothing like some tater tots dipped in ranch dressing with a large peach tea for breakfast. My other unhealthy indulgence during my first trimester was sausage biscuits from McDonalds.

  4. Chocolate
    Sweat Pants
    Gramma-sized undies
    Long soaks in the tub
    Husband who does the grocery shopping
    Ice cream
    Did I mention chocolate already?


  5. Tylenol PM – the ONLY way I am getting close to enough sleep to make it through the day with a 20 month old. Even if I am still getting up 2x a night to pee at least I can fall back asleep after.

    Flip-flops – I managed to get my sneakers on the other day…only to have the toddler untie them. I cried. And put my flip-flops back on, cold weather be damned.

    The internet – AKA the only thing that keeps me sane, connected, and laughing when I am too huge and sore to get off the couch.

    Good luck! Don't have your baby before me!

  6. Now I want Sonic but I don't want to drive 45min in our current rush hour traffic to go get it. I'm just at then end of my first trimester and so far my must-have has been Zofran. Some days it's the only way I can eat. Good luck with the little ones.

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