39 Weeks, 4 Days

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With Libbie, I had no signs of labor, ever, until I actually starting having contractions. I mean, I had your normal Braxton-Hicks stuff, but seriously, nothing else. I didn’t lose my mucus plug. I didn’t bleed. I didn’t have a backache. I wasn’t dilated. It just started.

And then it lasted forever. But you know that story.

Since Thursday, I have had every labor sign you can think of, including contractions that are steady. But then they taper off.

At my appointment on Thursday, my midwife threatened to just go ahead and admit me (and likely induce) if I were contracting at all on Monday.

That’s tomorrow. I thought for sure she wouldn’t need to do that; I was positive this baby was coming out this weekend.

He’s still in there.

I’m not sure which version of labor is more frustrating! That said, it’s not even my due date yet. I don’t want to be induced. I want to be patient. I am trying to ignore that there’s this thing called Christmas on Saturday it would be nice to be home for.

I know many women who would kill to take my place: bearing a child, a 100% healthy baby boy, with no complications, to full-term. I am trying to praise God for this baby instead of begging Him to PLEASE LET ME GO INTO LABOR ALREADY, DANG IT!

I’ve baked a lot of cookies and taken a lot of naps. I’ve played Crazy Cakes on Pogo relentlessly. I have sat on my birth ball.

I will wait. Whether I like it or not.

4 thoughts on “39 Weeks, 4 Days

  1. I have had the same experience. My first 2 labours were straight into full blown contractions, no other signs. My 3rd, was 9 days post dates & I was having labour signs for at least 3 weeks before hand. I ended up waking at 3am with full blown but not really painful contractions, had an easy labour and had my baby in my arms within an hour and a half. The labour signs you are experiencing are doing something and will likely make it so much easier for you once you go into labour for real. Hang in there! It's so hard being so close and waking everyday thinking it's go to be today.
    I'm now 38 wks and am trying desperately to just take it one day at a time and not get into the waiting game.

  2. I think about you many times a day, my friend. I admire your determination to hang in there… the days can feel so long toward the end. You know my story and know it's hard for me when women "wish away" the end of a pregnancy… that said, you're so near your due date, I'd be happy for you whenever that little guy wants to arrive! But, whatever his birthday ends up being, it will be wonderful. It will be perfect, in fact. It will be His plan. 🙂

  3. "Hang in there, Jessie" sounds trite. 😉 But… hang in there! 🙂 Your heart is obviously in the exact right place. Perfect baby, perfect timing. What a fantastic Christmas gift for you!

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