Christmas Glimpses

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When you are very, VERY pregnant at Christmastime, not everything gets decorated.

It’s been three years since I decorated much at all due to circumstances and babies. I really wanted to do it this year. But I was already 36 weeks pregnant at Thanksgiving. I did what I could.


My dining room table. I absolutely love this table runner we got several years ago. It has the words to The Night Before Christmas.


Sadly, one of my snowmen lost his nose when I was getting this out of the box. I tried craft glue and it was a no go. I think I need a hot glue gun!


The painting project I did with Libbie the other day. I think it’s funny you can see my giant belly in the reflection of the balls. My ingenious husband suggested we do the baby’s handprint on the other side of the balls once he gets here!


Three Christmases!


So sad that one of my kings is apparently blind.


We wanted to start an ornament series for Libbie this year. (Apparently the first year we’ve been cognizant enough to think of that.) Hallmark started a cupcake series this year, so we decided on those. Cute!


And this is my poor, $7.50, Charlie Brown Christmas tree. With a leaning angel. And that whole “I have a toddler therefore there is no bottom third decor.”


The Little People Nativity has had a rough day.


My little Christmas elf insisted on having her picture taken, too.

Added to the Christmas Tour of Homes and Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Glimpses

  1. Yay Jessie, for decorating at the end of your 3rd trimester!!

    P.S. Are you and baby going to pop by Blissdom? I would love to meet you!!

  2. Okay, so the Little People nativity set is so cute. I need to find one! And decorating this year has been minimal here, too. Lucky these people are getting ANYTHING from me right now 🙂 Hope you're hanging in there, sweet friend. I know I am….

  3. Looks familiar (except for the baby belly!). There are very few ornaments on the bottom of our tree. I'm so tired of telling the 3YO to stopping touching them. They are sitting in a pile on the table!

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