Guest Post: Fingerprints

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Staci is one of my sweet #sisterchicks. She lives in Atlanta, where she is a middle-school science teacher and beloved aunt. 

I’ve been living on my own for 8 years now, but before my parents moved, I used to pop in at their house at least once a week. One time I noticed something that I had never noticed before. I’m sure it was always there, but living in that house, I just never took the time to notice it. I was walking down the stairs to the basement one day and it stood out like a red light.

It’s kinda hard to see (you might have to tilt your computer screen), but it’s grimy, grubby handprints. I vividly remember always slapping that part of the ceiling every time I went down the stairs. How funny that I never noticed it until I moved away!

So it got me thinking if I had any of those signs of life in my house.

And, lo and behold, I did find something. I have a vanity that was my great-grandmother’s that I sit at every day to dry my hair and put my make up on. Well, apparently, I rest my toes on the molding of the wall, and I guess 8 years of doing that has really left its mark.

(Again, you might have to tilt your computer screen)

When I got my new car, I was eager to show it off. When my 5-year-old nephew saw it, he decided he needed to climb all around in it. He also decided to leave his sticky, wet thumbprint on my mirror. I got side tracked before I got a chance to clean it off, so for the longest time it stayed there. Every time I looked in my rear view mirror, I smiled when I saw that little thumbprint.

{Ok, Staci, so this is a post about dirty hand prints?}

There’s a Steven Curtis Chapman song called “Fingerprints of God.” As I was trying to find a video of that song to include here, I came across this (it’s a promo video for some conference). This excited the science teacher in me, but inspired the God lover in me even more!

HIS fingerprints are everywhere!

Wow! Yes, a lot of that was over my head, but nevertheless I heard loud and clear that God is our Designer, our Creator. Imagine the care and precision He took in creating the universe and how that compares to the care and concern He has for us!

Rest assured you are HIS design and He took great care in designing you! You are His creation … rejoice in that!

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One thought on “Guest Post: Fingerprints

  1. Wow, that video is really cool! I'm amazed, first of all, that all these various things have the same spirally ratio thing going on, but also that Fibanaci (yeah, that's not spelled right!) figured it out or broke the code or whatever–so that we can see the fingerprint of God. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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