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I am officially too lazy to go pull my own button from a back post. Oh my.

The best baby update I have is I feel like I’ve been in on-and-off labor for about four days. It’s very strange. I never had a contraction with Libbie until I was actually “in labor.” But I am also dilated already (2.5 cm on Thurs. morning) which I never was with her beforehand. I’m thinking every early contraction is less work for my body when the “real” labor comes!

Congratulations to my darling friend Kacie at Sense to Save who had a baby girl, Vivienne, yesterday! She’s been a great support to me during this pregnancy and I am so proud of her for having a second natural labor the way she wanted it.

So anyway, here are some posts I Stumbled this week (and apparently the theme this week is, I wish I had enough energy/stamina to cook!!):

OK … perhaps a few non-food links:

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One thought on “Saturday Linky Love

  1. Oh I'm sad you're linked up today:( I wanted you to be at the hospital with Baby David!!! SOON!!! Hang in there girl!

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