Ten Days Old

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Dear David,

Someday, you’ll sleep all night in your own bed. Maybe even on your back.


Someday you won’t want to nurse and I will miss your intense need to eat every hour and a half today.


When I thought about having a newborn, the thing I most looked forward to was having someone to snuggle who couldn’t get away. Your sweet snuggles make me blissful. The smell of your head is perfect.


Someday you might hate your near-Christmas birthday. But for me, it was a blessing to grow alongside Mary and feel her anticipation. And wonder how on earth she traveled on a donkey when she was quite possibly having contractions.


I love you super-duper much, baby boy. I promise I will try to not rush your newborn phase. I want to live in the now. Remind me of that at 3 a.m.  when even the Miracle Blanket can’t convince you to sleep in your pack-and-play, OK?

Thank you for being such a sweet baby. Being your mommy is a finer thing.


8 thoughts on “Ten Days Old

  1. Ruh roh. Those pictures of your little ball of sweetness are reeeeally making my heart go pitter-patter. I need to talk to my hubs. We may need just ONE more baby…

  2. He is a cutie! Do enjoy those snuggles. I miss that my boy, only nine months old, is past the cuddly snuggles. One of my favorite things about a newborn is their squeaks. And that seems to pass even more quickly with every baby.

  3. Snuggle up now, for sure! I just snuggled Darah for a few minutes. She'll always be my baby, but she certainly isn't a tiny little thing, anymore!

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