Ten Favorite Christmas Albums

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Since I am just not feeling well in my 39-week pregnant state … I thought I’d re-share this post from a year ago. A new favorite Christmas album for me this year is Kristin Chenoweth’s A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas.

10. Home for Christmas / Amy Grant

One of my first Christmas TAPE loves. I could listen to “The Night Before Christmas” over and over again. You gotta have a little Amy in your Christmas music.

9. Snowed In / Hanson

Y’all know I cannot deny my Hanson obsession love. I could not even begin to tell you how many times my sister Ashley and I listened to this CD during high-school Christmas times.

8. Anything by Bing Crosby

What’s Christmas music without “White Christmas”? Not only is the movie perfection, the song is a Christmas staple. I love pretty much anything by Bing.

7. The Nativity Story: Sacred Songs / Various Artists

A more recent favorite, this CD is honestly heavenly. I didn’t care much for the movie, but these “inspired by the movie” songs are just gorgeous. “The Virgin’s Lullaby” is enchanting and will provoke tears. Last year, I told you about “Labor of Love.” Seriously, this one is worth purchasing.

6. A Christmas Together / John Denver and the Muppets

And on a less serious note… This is one we also wore the heck out of the tape each Christmas. My parents were big John Denver fans and I grew up on his music. I was so glad to see they’ve added back the tracks from the tape that they had excluded when they originally put this on CD. Yay!

5. Anything by Manheim Steamroller, especially Christmas Celebration

I mean, you just can’t not feel Christmasy when you hear the first few bars of “Celebration,” the first track on this album. So much fun!

4. Let it Snow / Michael Buble

OK, so granted he must have been really busy because this album only has 6 tracks. But they’re still really good. And I love Michael Buble. Looooove.

3. The Living Room Sessions: Christmas / Chris Rice

I’m not usually that into instrumental music. I mean, I don’t sit around listening to classical music, generally speaking. Maybe Christmas changes that? Or maybe this piano music just makes me think of cold Virginia nights with ice on the trees and sitting around our old piano, singing in harmony or just listening to my daddy play.

2. Believe / Natalie Grant

I am a big Natalie Grant fan. I think she has an incredible voice. I was so happy when she did this Christmas album a few years ago. “I Believe” is a really lovely track.

1. Handel’s Messiah

Coming from a very musical family, Messiah is just the ultimate Christmas music! Every “Thanksmas” we attempt a few crazy chorales (I’m not up on my music terminology–is that the right word?). Singing through Messiah in college choir was one of my favorite life experiences. Challenging (especially for a second soprano … Handel didn’t do no second soprano part!) but awesome.

So … what song or album embodies Christmas for you? And when do you start listening to Christmas music?

5 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Christmas Albums

  1. I probably commented on your post last year, because I love the John Denver & the Muppets album! We had the record when I was growing up. Now it's on my iPod, and my 4yo is really enjoying it this year (even though she doesn't really know who the Muppets are).

  2. Amy Graaaaaant!! It's not Christmas without Amy! My mom has every single one of her Christmas tapes/cds and I listened to them pretty much year round when I was a kid.

    I also love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, especially their Christmas Canon. It makes me cry because I am a sappy sap who used Canon in D as her wedding song and who loves Christmas waaay too much.

    Also: Nutcracker Suite.

  3. I've never sung the whole Messiah but I sang the Hallelujah chorus every year for 8 years in my various choirs (high school and college) and I still remember much of the alto part. Great list, I'll have to check 'em out!

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