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I was looking back over all my old Top Ten Tuesdays to find something I could repost for inspiration and came across this post I did in October 2009 of my top ten posts of all time. This, of course, sparked my interest in whether they had changed or not in the past 14 months.

So, here are my current Top Ten Posts of All Time.

1. Whole Foods in a Hurry, Week 2: The Menu

I am so glad this is good content for me! I loved doing this series with Once a Month Mom and hope it was helpful to others looking to change to a more whole-foods lifestyle and still freezer cook.

2. Family Recipe Fridays: Mom’s Enchiladas

This yummy recipe was on two Once a Month Mom menus. So I thank Tricia for all the linkage to this post!

3. Family Recipe Fridays: Scalloped Corn

Hmmm … I guess I shouldn’t bother posting about anything unless I think I can get Tricia to link to it

4. We Came, We Cooked, We Conquered

This was about the first once-a-month-cooking experiment I did with Meredith from Like Merchant Ships. So fun!

5. Recipes for Black Beans

Two yummy and fairly simple recipes for the resilient black bean.

6. Family Recipe Fridays: Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

YUM! This is one of my and Mr. V’s absolute favorite recipes, ever. Heavenly. Thick. Rich. With a crunchy, sugary topping!

7. Menu Plan (with recipes for Taco Bake and Parmesan Fish)

Two great South Beach Diet recipes I’ve used for years!

8. Whole Foods in a Hurry, Week 1: The Why

9. Dear Male Readers, Please Don’t Read This

Hey! It’s not a recipe! Instead it’s a post about breastfeeding and my boobs. Awesome. 😉

10. Sloppy Chicken Pizza, My Way

And one last yummy recipe.

It always sort of pains me to look at what drives my traffic … because sadly, it’s not my superb writing skills. It’s recipes. But that’s OK. I am never going to be a food blog. I will always be a little bit of this and that … because my attention span is just not that long. I don’t know how food blogs come up with something new to write about all the time! Plus, I might have to learn how to take pictures then.

I do find it interesting how much my top posts have changed since a little over a year ago. I didn’t include my About Me or Recipe Index in this list, by the way, even though they are technically top posts for me.

What’s your top post, ever? I’d love to know!

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