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This week is a little bittersweet for me. For the past two years, I’ve been able to attend the Blissdom Conference in Nashville. Going to #Blissdom ’09 really changed the course of my blogging–and had me come home with some new great blogging friends!

I am not going to the conference because David will be less than 6 weeks old, and I figured I wouldn’t actually get to go to any of the sessions. I would spend most of the time nursing him somewhere. But I am sad I won’t get to see many of the fabulous bloggers I’ve met. And I am missing the chance to connect with new friends who “get” what I do here.

The Clever Girls asked me to write about five fabulous bloggers and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, especially in light of my unrequited bloggy-friend love this week.

It’s no secret how much I love Amanda (OhAmanda, Impress Your Kids, Motherhood Your Way). I’ve read her blog longer than anyone else’s and consider her one of my mommy mentors. I’ve never met anyone so passionate about teaching her children about the Bible and Jesus and that is something I want to emulate! I’ve been lucky enough to count Amanda as a “real-life friend” now that I live a little closer to Atlanta. It’s so much fun to get to spend time together in person.

How could I not love Mary (Giving Up on Perfect, (in)courage), with our shared love for grammar? As with most blogs, I have no idea when I found hers, but I am glad I did! (I know it was after Blissdom ’09, because Mary was there but we didn’t know each other and didn’t meet.) Mary is fun, honest, and not afraid to share her struggles. I admit I am jealous of her ability to crank out quality writing each and every day at Giving Up on Perfect. Her posts are always well thought-out, well-written, and cohesive. Unlike someone’s I can think of …

I’ve already given you 10 reasons I love Robin (Pensieve, (in)courage, Therapon). Mostly my reasons haven’t changed: she is kind, sincere, fun-loving, and willing to step on some toes. And she wants marriages to thrive, so much so that she will talk openly about the s-word. Plus today I got word she was making me pecan pie for a post-baby meal, which is enough to gain my love forever.

I just recently subscribed to Mylestones, written by Jo. We found on (in)courage that we have very similar stories right now when it comes to waiting and having to forgo our plans. She is a superb writer and I am so glad to have found her and her blog!

How can you not love The Nester (Nesting Place, (in)courage)? She is quirky, hilarious, and willing to share mistakes and successes. Trust me, I have zero decorating mojo so it makes zero sense for me to subscribe to a decorating blog. But Nester makes me believe some day I might be able to do it.

Do you subscribe to these ladies’ blogs? Do you have a favorite blogger of your own? Share the blog in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Bloggers

  1. Jessie!!!! THIS MADE MY DAY!!! Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I LOVE this group of women, too, though I don't know all as closely as you do; I'm honored to be included in their company :). See? I can't quit smiling :).

    I remember our first meeting (wink) and now your family's one baby bigger (cannot wait to hold Mr. David); time has FLOWN. I'm sad you won't be at Blissdom this year, but the truth is, I'll get to see you MORE when I bring you that pie (and word on the street is…it's pretty doggone good) (I hope I didn't jinx it).

    Anyways, lovely job for Clever Girls and Trop 50 :). What a fun initiative to help someone's dream come true.

  2. Jessie, thank you so much! You are so sweet – and absolutely one of my favorite bloggers (and FRIENDS)!!!

  3. Jess! I got tears in my eyes! Believe me the love goes both ways. You have been one of my longest blogging friends and I'm thankful for your constant love and encouragement.

    Also–being included in a list like this one? I FEEL famous!

    love you! can't wait to see you!

  4. Jessie, I've never been to Blissdom (or any other blogging conference) before, but I'd love to go someday if only to meet the faces in front of the gorgeous souls I've come to know in this crazy and amazing bloggy world.
    Anyway…thank you so much for your kind words and the continued linky love. Absolutely honored to be in this list!

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