Five Minutes: Graduation

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I told a friend last night that the day I graduated high school was one of the happiest days of my life. And thinking over it again, I wasn’t kidding.

I know nearly everyone is awkward at one point in time, but I feel like I was socially inadept to the point where it was painful. I had friends, although going to a magnet school many of them lived an hour or even more away from me. My dearest refrigerator friend, Jen, is the only one I’ve really hung onto since high school. My other friends were all from church. They all went to local high schools. Even there, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I never knew the right way to do things. I am, and always was, a bit of an old soul. I got along better with adults than with my peers.

I remember being in the room under the Landmark Theater, where my high-school graduation was held. I hugged nearly everyone in my class of 120 graduates. And I breathed a sigh of relief that many of them I would only have to see sparingly in the future.

In college, I found my confidence. I found friends who adored me and that boosted me up. I found my voice through poetry and English essays.

I’ve always thought maybe there are high-school people and college people. Those who hit their stride in high school may not remember their college experience as fondly. And for those of us who can’t think of high school without shuddering a little, college was blissful.

What do you think?


Rather than go back and clarify everything I’d like to, I will leave it at that. This is part of The Gypsy Mama’s What Can You Write in 5 Minutes? experiment. Let me know if you join in!

5 thoughts on “Five Minutes: Graduation

  1. I identify with so much of this post. I still feel awkward and out of place half the time, and it only gets worse when around my "peers." As a youth, I was more comfortable with adults, and now as an adult, the bigger age difference, the better!

    All that said, I bet you and I would get along very well! Maybe if we come to Chattanooga for a weekend this summer, Libbie and Kate could have a play date!

  2. I totally agree. There is not enough money to make me do high school again. College really opened me to the world and the world to me.

  3. I remember adults telling me when I was 15, 16 years old, "Enjoy it! These are the best years of your life!" And, inside? I felt terrified that they could be right. Happily, they were NOT. My high school years were nowhere near the best years of my life. College was a joyous experience and these years of marriage and child-rearing are also far, far superior to life at 15! High school was better than junior high, but that's about it. (And I thought the same thing as Amanda… I probably could have picked you out of your entire senior class. :))

  4. I have to agree 100% with this.
    i found the person I am when I was in college. Some of my best friends are people I meet in college.
    I would only talk to about 3 people from my high school if not for Facebook.
    It is amazing what happens in college.

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