Medela Nursing Bras – Review and GIVEAWAY!

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The winner is #35, Emily E. Congratulations, Emily! I’ll be emailing you to get your information.

Disclaimer: First, I have to say I am very well-endowed.  So obviously what works for me in terms of nursing bras may not work for everyone. And for the business part: Medela provided me with a bra to test out for review. I did not receive any other compensation for this review/giveaway.

Maybe it’s just that when you’re pregnant you attract other pregnant people like a magnet. You huddle together to confer about your misery, expectations, and excitement. But it seemed that half the Internet had a baby in December right along with me. (Kacie, Tara, Suzanne, Karen, and Jenny all did! And those are just the ones I can come up with in my baby-no-sleep-dazed mind.)

So I hope this giveaway will benefit one of them–or one of you who has recently welcomed a baby or will in the near future!

I don’t think I have ever done this before, but I contacted Medela about doing a review for them because they have the only nursing bra that has ever worked for me. It’s their Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra, which goes up to an H cup, has thick straps for the larger cups, and actually gives me enough support. I have tried many nursing bras; and, as a larger-chested girl, barely felt comfortable enough to leave the house with any of them on.

I was a little worried about wearing underwire right away while nursing, though, as there is some evidence they can cause clogged ducts or restrict the milk coming in. (The lactation consultant at the hospital told me I should not wear one ever–but honestly, they don’t even make many bras that are not underwire big enough for me.)

So Medela sent me the Comfort Nursing Bra. It’s got a sports bra feel, with a racerback cut and thicker straps. Because it is microfiber, it stretches with you. Medela totes it as “the perfect ‘take-to-hospital’ bra.”

I agree with them! It’s a great bra for while you wait for your milk to come in. I wore mine at the hospital and found the hooks easy to unclasp and get back together and the size just right. It is a great nighttime bra, because there are no uncomfortable hooks or tags to bother you.

Unfortunately, this type of bra does not have enough support for me; it’s definitely a “lounge around the house” nursing bra for me. I wouldn’t want to scare anyone in public. Once my milk came in, even the extra-large was not really large enough.

So now that I have thoroughly frightened you with tales of my chest (which Libbie calls David’s Mommy Bottles–how cute is that?), I am delighted to tell you I have one Comfort Nursing Bra to give away to a lucky reader.

To enter, just tell me why you need it. And if you’ve nursed before, what is your favorite nursing bra?


Best of luck!

44 thoughts on “Medela Nursing Bras – Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. My very favorite nursing bras are from Medela- the seamless soft cup variety, I believe. I have a white one and a black one and they are in ROUGH shape after a couple kiddos. I'm typically a 32DD (wacky size, I know), but I usually go up to a 34F when pregnant/nursing. These bras supported me, but were snug enough on my narrow ribs. LOVE Them!

  2. I never found a great nursing bra I liked with my daughter, but now I'm due in July and would love one! I'm not very well-endowed so maybe it would work better for me!

  3. I have 3 Medela nursing sleep bras that I love, but only 1 daytime/I-can-leave-the-house-in-this-nursing-bra. It's from Motherhood Maternity and is a sports bra style, but I hate it. It gets very bunchy and the layers don't lie flat. Since I'm nursing now, a functional one would be nice! (And congrats on your new arrival!)

  4. Well I'm prego with my first TWO so I've never needed a nursing bra before but we have similar issues up top so I would love to try something you recommend! -Tina (

  5. I am also very well endowed,and since i gave birth 4 weeks ago, i have found 1 bra, and it is underwire, so nighttime has been a nightmare.

  6. I never found a nursing bra I loved with my first. I am now pregnant with my second and would love to win this! I am also on the larger size and want to look a little better this time around.

  7. I am due in May with my 2nd and would love to try this bra. With my first I never really found any nursing bras that I felt comfortable leaving the house in. I usually just wore the nursing tank top things from G&O from Target even though I wasn't crazy about them either.

  8. I need it because I am about to have a little girl and I never bothered to buy nursing bras with my son. I am not going that route again! Thanks for hosting!

  9. I'm do in February! I need a good sport like nursing bra for the first days/nights. Because while I am not well endowed naturally, by first few weeks always leave me with an overabundant supply (and way to big a chest!)

  10. I have two nursing bras that are quickly losing their shape. They are Bravado and very stretchy and comfortable, but I would love to try something new!

  11. I'm pregnant with our second! Nursing was a hard, long struggle for me with my daughter, and at the time I wasn't able to spend much on nursing bras. I had a couple of the ones from Target, which were okay until my milk started to come in and even though they were the largest size they had, I had boob muffintop. haha!
    So this time around I definitely need to find better nursing bras.

  12. I just had my second daughter in October and have never found a nursing bra I really like. Most of none are from Target.

  13. I would love to win this for my SIL. She is due to deliver in the next few months and really wants to try to breastfeed this time around. I want to do anything I can to encourage that!

  14. I am currently pregnant with my second son due in May and usually just ended up using nursing bras from Walmart because they were all I could find and try on. I am usually a 40D and while nursing I go up to a 40G usually. So I would Love to try a medela bra! I need something that supports me while still giving me a comfortable fit.

  15. I am having my second child this May and plan on nursing again. With my last pregnancy, I never found a good nursing bra even though I am WAY less endowed than most. 🙂 The other hard part is that they are sooo expensive. This bra would be amazing!

    Ashley Carter

  16. I am pregnant with #2 due in early February–I could use a new nursing bra:) I never found "the perfect" with my first. I did just buy a bra close to this one at Target. They have a Bravado collection there (very small selection).

  17. I am nursing my second daughter right now and would love to try a bra from Medela. I have used Bravado bras and LOVED them, but they are pretty expensive and I would like to try another brand.

  18. I am due with my first in July and I am very well endowed (currently a 36DD)! So I am not sure how much bigger I will get, but what I know is much bigger! So I would LOVE a great bra for that season!
    courtneypbaggett at gmail dot com

  19. I've been nursing my son for almost 9 months now and it's just time for a new bra! I still haven't found one I just love…the ones I have "just do"!

  20. Dude, I need this bra because HELLO, I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO JUST HAD A BABY. Also, I only own 3 nursing bras. The rest of the time I wear nursing tanks, which are not super good for sleeping or lounging in – the band always cuts into my side.

    bebehblog at gmail dot com

  21. I need this! I am due in 12 weeks, and when I was nursing my son I wasn't able to find a good nursing bra… partly because of the lack of money to buy one. So, I just wore one that wasn't that comfy, but did the job. I still have it, but would love a new comfy one!


  22. My only reservations about nursing baby #2 that is due in May is the nursing bra dilemma! I have never found a good fitting one. I swear my boobs were so mad at me for stuffing them in the same ill-fitting bra for 24/7 for 8 months with my first child! Would LOVE to get one of these bc they actually have my size!

  23. I have 4 close friends/relatives who are expecting right now. 4!!! If I won I would be giving the bra to one of them to put to good use! 🙂

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